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GPU Tweakit Server ???

Hello ROGrs, hope this is the right place for my question.In the notification panel is the "GPU Tweakit Server" icon.what makes GPU TweakIt server?what can I do with it?When I double-click the icon, nothing happens?If I right click it, only one butto...

A simple solution, W7 fix for persistent icon rebuilds.

For months and months now I've booted into Windows 7. Everything comes up and loads in less than 20secs, Then the Icons on my desktop would rebuild, No big deal but it was giving me the S**Ts. I finally decided to delve into my registry.A simple DWor...

Pro Tools 11 run on ASUS Notebook Series?

Hi I recently purchased an ASUS ROG G750JZ-DS71 laptop for production and gaming and I wanted to see if Pro Tools 11 could run on it. So far I have been running Pro Tools 9 with a message claiming there were compatibility issues, however the software...

Please Update GPU Tweak, It's A Crash Fest !

No matter which machine I have GPU tweak on if I open it, Minimize it and then open it again even an hour later it becomes unresponsive and I have to end the process in task manager.It's like this on everybodies machine that I know personally, Please...

Fan expert 3

its there a way to make it register gpu temperature and turn on front fan when is needeed because its basically chocking my rig in graphic card related taks when cpu not need to much cooling i got h100i in corsair graphite white intake . any idea wi...

Adobe Flash Player keeps crashing! -_- Halpp! :(

Hey guys, so it seems the most unstable part about my system is the stupid flash player! It keeps crashing, like every time I load a site on Firefox or Chrome that has a video player, it'll crash after about 15-20 minutes. I've tried every solution o...

ROG CG8480 recovery / upgrade too ssd

My friend has a ROG CG8480, it's got a 2TB drive installed. He's done the upgrade to 8.1. I've tried but unable to get the system to do a recovery or make disk. The options are not there. I've got an offical 8.1 ISO (MSDN) but he doesn't have his COA...

How can I update my AI suite?

So my Fan Xpert section of AI suite looks like thisNow my friend's AI suite looks like this. and he can choose the temparature source and has Dual intelligent 5 while I have 4. How can I update it? I have a Mximus VI impact.

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