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ASUS GPU Tweak issue

Hi I have an ASUS ROG JZ750 and I get this message sometimes on boot.

Fan xpert 3 resetting profile on boot

Ive installed AI suite and am actually liking the fan xpert control but I have an issue, Ive created my perfect fan profile but every time I reboot it resets the profile and all my fans spin up at full speed and I have to open fan expert and manually...

Intel Extreme Tuning Utility

When ever I run the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility but do not change any settings in ITU, I lose all my Passwords, Passwords for web forums and other sites and my PC Log in , anyone else have a similar problem like this? Even game settings. I h...

There is no late Nvidia drivers available from

Hello, a happy gamer with 1 month old Asus G750JM-T4018P The thing is, I need to use BatteryBoosttm technology available in GeForce Experience, in case the electiricty goes out, and myself wishing to continue playing without lagging, keeping 60fps wh...

Aaryl by Level 7
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G56JK High Def Audio Device issue

Hello everyone.Yesterday i bought an ASUS G56JK. I installed Windows 8.1 and all the drivers from for my G56JK.Today: Blue Screen with Driver Power State Failure. After that i check my Device Manager and found out that the High Definition Au...

I need help with USB drivers for my G75VW!

et me start off by saying I assume it's a VW since it runs windows 7 64-bit. My issues started when I noticed one day my USB ports stopped working. I put a mouse, keyboard, whatever in it and they will light up like they're being powered but I can no...

sonic studdio question

will sonic studio and sonic audio work on the crosshair v? I'd really like to try those out

sabah70 by Level 7
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AI Suite 3 issues

Hello,I recently got my new ROG Maximus VII Ranger mobo, and have been very pleased with it. However, I have noticed some issues with the bundled AI Suite software and was wondering if anyone had any solutions.First of all, I cannot seem to get the U...

ROG Exchange

Hi is there no new update for the ROG Exchange app? It keeps crashing on windows 8.1

x7razor by Level 7
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Cannot no more boot from USB

Hello to everybody ! I have an asus RoG g750jx for a year now and everything was fine ....until two days ago! Since the fist day i got it i've make a new partition with Debian , dual boot worked even better than in my thought. Two days ago i booted t...

HaZeFs by Level 7
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