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Why no 5-Way-Optimization for RoG Motherboards?

Hey there!After watching a view X99 videos about the Asus Boards i for sure had to hit the 5 way optimization video. I was pretty much impressed that it did just reach ~4,5GhZ in like 20 min. No idea if it is stable but i like the idea of having a fa...

Evo by Level 7
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Updating bios

hey guysIt's good to be in this forum. My board is the Asus maximus hero v11 which i have just setup. the bios in it is 1107. Do you really need to update bios, or is it a case of if it's working good then leave it. Also whats the point of AI suite 3...

Fedora Installation Advice or Tutorial?

So far, I've had no luck finding any info on how to go about installing Linux correctly onthese forums, or anywhere else for that matter.I currently own a G750JX running Windows 7, and since updating my desktop have decided I'd rather use my my lapto...

Fan Xpert Profiles

I have set the fans in my case through Ai Suite 3 fan profile, and everything works fine. I would like to know, if I uninstall Ai suite 3, will the fans still behave the same? Or, I would have to create a profile in BIOS?

jackl2 by Level 7
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Combine two harddrives

Ok all sorry if this has been asked before I couldn't come up with any helpful search terminology. AnywayI just bought a G751jm and it was a pita to get Linux running. Had to physically remove my win8 hdd to get the live dvd to boot and got it insta...

AI Suite 3 5-Way Optimization Manual

Hi,I'm new to this forum but not Asus MOBO's I currently haveCPU Intel Core i7-5820K 3.3GHz 6-CoreCPU Cooler Corsair H105 73.0 CFM LiquidMotherboard Asus X99-DELUXE ATX LGA2011-3Memory Crucial Ballistix Sport 16GB (4 x 4GB) DDR4-2400S...

Framerate software

Can anyone suggest good and trustworthy software for tracking my framerate while playing games.thanks.

(SOLVED) Updating Z87 Pro BIOS Help

Hi,I have a Z87 PRO (V Edition) motherboard with BIOS version 1205, which is what it came with, and a 4th Gen Haswell CPU i7-4771. When I browse for the latest BIOS, which is version 2005, there's a note listed there that reads Must apply the attache...

Asus x99 dual lan how does it work?

Hello, I was wondering how dual lan works on asus x99 deluxe? Does it reduce latency or increases somehow internet connection? More stability? I want to know because i play a lot of online games and i would like to have less lag/ping in game.Thanks!

toxzl2 by Level 7
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