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Sonic Radar 2 not detecting previously played games after wipe.

I recently wiped all the game profiles from Sonic Radar 2 in the SR22.1.17 folder to clean it up a bit, but now it won't detect any of the games I've wiped to make new profiles. It will only detect new games that I haven't run before. I've tried to u...

nuhsus1 by Level 7
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Win10-M7F-USB problem?

I am running win10 build 10130 with my M7F/i4790k bios v2601. I normally run 3 powered hubs jacked into my Case front panel with several devices on each to support FSX. All works perfectly in Win8.1 and FSX boxed version.I recently decided to upgra...

Linux Dual Boot Installation Fears and Complexities.

I am new here, please correct me if I do something wrong.Background: I purchased my asus rog off of craigslist and I am very pleased with it, even though it seems to be an older model.Now I want to try to dual boot it's initial windows 8.1 OS with De...

Dual boot new G750 Ubuntu 14.04/Win8.1 - Partitions!

Just got a G750JZ (first ASUS), and I'd like to dual boot Ubuntu 14.04 along side the existing Win 8.1. I've installed Ubuntu before on a few machines, but I've never dealt with : 1) Win 8.1 2) UEFI, or 3) SSDs.Created a USB boot just using Ubuntu...

Intel drivers

Under the Maximus Formula VII driver page on asus see some old drivers. I don't like installing driver's from W/update so went to intel. I got the new chipset INF driver but when I look at the MEI driver all of them states for NUC boards. Would the n...

ROG software for OS X

Hi there,I'm new here, and still in discovery mode. I have a Maximus VII impact MB, which I'm gonna assemble with the rest of the build, once all the kit is received.The thing is, the Maximus VII impact has an USB ROG connect port, to be connected if...

Advice for upgrading Windows OS

I am considering upgrading to Windows 8.1 Pro or Windows 10 (in July). From what I understood from a customer support tech, all ASUS software will be lost and all macro keys will be disabled. She did say that the upgrade process would offer an opport...

jareich by Level 7
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rebuild my system from factory defaults

OK, I have the G551 and it came with the 128GB mSATA and 1TB drives, the mSATA is the boot drive and I want to have the 1TB as my boot drive I have a 1TB external I can transfer all my data to. So how would I get the 1TB to be the new os drive from ...