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Drivers Needed! Specifically for Windows 10

Greetings.I would like to make a plea to ASUS / ASUS ROG to keep on top of drivers.Pretty much my entire system is ROG products, am I am a little disturbed by how irregular driver updates are, and how this can quickly cause problems.I'll explain a li...

someones please help me to find my window key.

hi i want to reinstall my window, but i don't know how to find the window key of my laptop. my laptop is G551JM. so anyone know where can i find the key of window? thank you very much

Original Asus Factory windows 8.1

Hi guys, about a month ago i get an Asus GL551JW. After a while using it, i noticed that it was with windows 8 Home Edition, so i decided to install a windows 8.1 Pro.Now i was wondering how can i get my Factory windows Back is it Possible or it is o...

DIP5 part of AI Suite 3 won't install properly

I've installed all the components of AI Suite 3 successfully with my Z97-A, except for DIP5. After installing, It shows as Installed and tells me to reboot but after that, it's nowhere to be seen and the installer shows None instead of Installed. I'v...

doveman by Level 7
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AudioWizard Headphones bug Windows 10

I just installed Windows 10 on my Zenbook UX303LN. On Windows 8.1, when I plugged my headphones it showed in AudioWizard instead of Speakers, Headphones, and I could select another particular mode for them. Now I can't. I'm stuck to Speakers even wit...

popaser by Level 7
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Windows 10 upgrade now just black screen

I have a brand new ROG G20AJ. I installed WIndows 10 and now all I get is a black screen with the mouse pointer. I cannot get it to start anything except the BIOS screen. is there a way to uninstall Windows 10? I have tried everything I can think of....

ferdmike by Level 7
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Asus suite does not work with windows 10

Hello,I have a legitimate copy of Windows 10. I tried to install Suite 3 from ASUS's website however when I select my motherboard and select my operation system, there is no ASUS Suite 3 under utilities.When I select Windows 7 or 8, I can download AS...

ebulbul by Level 7
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Stuck with bluescreen error while upgrading to Windows 10

I am using Asus Eeebook X205TA which has got Windows 8.1 Bing Single Language preinstalled. The Eeebook comes with EMMC instead of a Harddisk. After getting the upgrade notification, I accepted it, and the system restarted, but didn't boot again. It ...