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Majority of ZIP downloads fail. Invalid archive!

Armoury Crate was in an endless loop downloading any updates at 55%.Virtually any & all downloads of practically all ZIP files resulted in INVALID ARCHIVE when trying to Unzip or extract with Windows, Winzip, WinRar, 7Zip.Including BIOS update files....

Bobul by Level 7
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Velocidade GPU diferente no Tweak II

Ola necessito da vossa ajuda no Tweak II a velocidade da minha Gpu esta em 1860 mhz. Mas quando estou a jogar Red dentionII reparo no canto superior que a velocidade da minha GPU está a 1950mhz. E a temperatura nunca passa dos 51graus. Mas é a segun...

AI Suite 3 Version 3.00.10 & 3.00.13 - user test/report thread

Please check the product support page for your board and download Ai Suite 3.00.14 or 3.00.13 (if available). If you have a Ryzen-based system:Ai Suite 3.00.13 updated for compatibility with Ryzen power plans (no other changes):

MasterC by Community Admin
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Where do I get the Q installer utility from?

I have a machine which had Windows installed and wanted to confirm all the drivers are up-to-date, but I don't see where I can download the Q installer utility. I can't even tell if it had been installed.

mauricev by Level 7
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Aura Creator ARGB Gen 1 shows as standard RGB

I have 2 x halo fans connected to two of the argb headers on my Z590-F, and these show up in aura creator nicely with the ability to easily control each individual led (or groups of them as layers) allowing me to completely customise the fans to y li...

jk1989 by Level 7
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Help me with AI Suite III

Hi to all,I have recently updated my computer and when I installed the Ai Suite III software(the latest version on the Asus support page according to my motherboard ) and when I opened, I got this image (Image 1). problem ...

Turbo App ON by default

Hi thereIs it any way to have Turbo App ON by default? Now I have to turn it ON every time I log into my windows session.Thanks!

mborghi by Level 7
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