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Wifi doesnt work on G56JR after updating to Windows 10

Hi Guys and Masters!I don't know if i'm on the wrong forum but i really really need you guys' help.So I have just updated to windows 10 on my G56JR Laptop. Before updating, i felt like my laptop's gone slow lately. soooo (yes i regret it so much) I d...

Windows 10 update missing

So at first I tried a force update on my G501 to windows 10 and after the update the drivers disappeared. EVERYTHING EXCEPT the Realtek was left. So I reverted bac to Windows 8. Then the next time I updated it again and the good thing was everything ...

Issue with G751JY can someone help me please?

Hello all,I bought my Asus Rog G751JY-T7234H last friday and i wanted to make a recovery stick with backtracker. I got a error and he started up again and booted backtracker at startup. He did some things and now i cant start my recovery from my SSD....

Problems with gputweak in windows 10

I recently upgraded from win 8.1 and i noticed that when i play a game the gpu switch from the intel one to the nvidia one like it always does but when i finish playing and closed the game the nvidia gpu is still being used instead of switching back...

GPU Tweak 2 Version wont open.

Installed it on windows 10 64 bit. It shows as installed and the icons are in the right place but it wont run or start at all. When i try to run it nothing happens. Has anyone else gotten it to work?