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Issues with Asus GPU Tweak

Hi,Not sure if I am posting to the right section of the forums. If not, please direct me to the correct place.Anyway, I have an Asus 980 GPU and I use Asus GPU Tweak with it. For months, it worked perfectly for me until a week or so ago.The best I ca...

Kian_M by Level 7
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Fan Xpert missing from AI Suite II (Z68)

I've just upgraded to Windows 8.1 and have installed the latest version of AI Suite II (2.00.12 I think). But there is no Fan Xpert! All I get under Tool is EPU, Sensor Recorder and USB 3.0 Boost. How do I get Fan Xpert?My motherboard is MAXIMUS IV G...

Rog hd audio manager dissapeared after reinstalling realtek driver

hi i have the Maximus Gene VII and i recently had a problem with a headset mic so i tried reinstalling the realtek audio drivers by downloading the latest from the asus website, now after reinstalling i noticed that the ROG realtek audio manager had...

Berzerk by Level 7
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W10 on G30AB

With W10 installed on my G30AB , ive lost auto play for DVD , BD and music disks , have to manually play disks , AI Suite II no longer has AI Charger , The "System Level UP " {0verclock processor} feature no longer works as a pop up to let u know u ...

Review Evering thing

review all your all hardware and may be your W key Key will be in MSDM file

Asus Maximux V Formula Windows 10

I've been running windows 10 on my machine for the passed week now and have seen posts of others with a Maximus V Formula running W10 on their board for quiet some time. So far everything is running properly using windows 8.1 drivers except for audi...

mestavy by Level 7
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Vbios for Overclocking GTX 860M Asus ROG G751JM

Hi i'm new here and I was looking for a detailed guide or at least the vbios to overclock my gtx 860m. I use MSI burn by default but it llocks it at 135 and can't go further. Is there a detailed guide or at the very least can someone point me in the ...

AI Suite 3 1.0.89 and DIP5 on Rampage IV Black?

Hi,I was wondering if the latest version of AI Suite 3 (with dip5) is compatible with the Rampage IV Black Edition?I know it is in the section for Rampage V, I am just wondering if it would work anyway.

morgwin by Level 7
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Framerate Target MAX 255???

My Maximum Framerate target is 255, I cannot let GPU Tweak add Some thing Higher.Is it normal? I only need more than 255 because of benchmarking like in cloud gate and yet I cannot put framerate target higher than 255 fps. Is this normal?

Nader by Level 8
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