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ai suite problems uninstalling

Hi , I have tried to uninstall AI Suite from my system , followed the recommended route as per the forum , now I have the AI SUITE program with an empty box . When I try to uninstall it says choose programs to uninstall and there are none . Did a re...

steve_d by Level 7
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W10 Update Stuck

W10 update is stuck on a Windows Defender update @ 4% the past 2 days on my G30AB . The update is KB 2267602, cannot find a way in W10 to cancel this update , any one have a solution? Thanks in advance, Problem Solved , deleted all Temp and %Temp% ...

Realtek HD Audio Manager issue

Lemme start out a say this has been going on since I upgraded to the ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z mobo and Logitech Z506 5.1. My VLC, Windows, etc will not play voices only some background and bass if it is on Headphone selection for output but then a...

Issues with Asus Gaming Laptop

So the past few day my Asus has just shut down by itself. I would just be listening to some music while working and it just powered down. It does not happen while playing games like Warframe. So what could be the issue here and how can I fix it?

Mike95 by Level 7
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Can't Install Linux - Asus G551JM

Hello everyone, I'm posting here because I'm kind of desperate to find a solution. Everything I try fails.I want to install Kubuntu (but I tried with Xubuntu and Ubuntu in the past), on my ASUS G551JM, but (I guess) the UEFI messes up everything.Plea...

Rej901 by Level 7
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Failed to load dlls and please load vga drivers

Hey everyone, I've recently built my first computer but have had an issue with the system crashing. When I try to load a game, csgo for example, as soon as I am loaded into the game the display will be cut, and the computer will restart. It takes a c...

Ajax68 by Level 7
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GPU Tweak question

So I recently purchased an Asus Stix GTX 970. I installed GPU Tweak when I first installed my card. When I first had it installed, I could manually set the fan anywhere from 0-100%, and could also set my user defined graph as i pleased, again anywh...

AI Suite 3 BUG EPU not compatible with fan %100

Z97-E4790KI wanted to see how much I would need to turn TDP down to safely stress test CPU on the notoriously mediocre Intel CPU cooler. to be safe I started at 30W and did a stress test going up in 5w increments for each individual test.the bug:ASUS...

Issues with Asus GPU Tweak

Hi,Not sure if I am posting to the right section of the forums. If not, please direct me to the correct place.Anyway, I have an Asus 980 GPU and I use Asus GPU Tweak with it. For months, it worked perfectly for me until a week or so ago.The best I ca...

Kian_M by Level 7
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