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Windows 10 Clear Installation & Asus Staff

Hi Guys;I am one one of G53 users. I bought a brand new SSD and I will make a clear Win10 installation on it. I made it a few times before but Win 10 crashed. Anyway I will do it again and I want the most stabile OS. My concern is about drivers and A...

ozaner by Level 7
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Asus Z97-Pro (WiFi ac) bios update fail

My Asus Z97-Pro (WiFi ac) have bios v2303:So I load the new bios (all the more recent bioses anyway) on USA flash:I picked up the latest one (v2702) and upload it, then I get "not a proper BIOS" message:NONE of the bioses I tested (v240...

trodas by Level 9
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Nvidia drivers regularly break down

Hello,I've updated to Windows 10 Pro about 2 weeks ago (fresh install) and I've been having Nvidia drivers issues ever since. They seem to work for a day or two, then systematically break down, freezing the Laptop (only when gaming). A fresh re-insta...

AI Suite 3 Fan Xper3 - bad fan control issue

Hello,I;ve just put AI Suite 3 again on my system and wanted to tweak fans a bit but there is weird issue.When I use fan position search to stop all other fans and max speed on 1 to find it's location on the systemthat part doesn't work correctly.Onc...

mirkoj by Level 7
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GPU Tweak 2 BSOD Windows 10

Everytime I try changing the stock profile to Gaming mode and turn 0Db off i get "system_pte_misue" or "page_fault_in_non_paged_area. It's a fresh install of windows 10, all drivers have been updated. Any idea on how to stop it so i can get my card ...

Burbla by Level 7
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Kingston HyperX Predator with Bios issues...

Hello, I've recently upgraded to a Crosshair 5 Formula-Z board and 9370 Chip. I've been trying to get my PCIE Hyperx Predator to be my "gaming only" SSD drive instead of my main C: drive. The Predator has Win10 installed on it. If it's plugged in I c...