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ASUS GPUTweak II Ver is Out

Gpu Tweak II has a newer versions for my R9 270x card...This should work for others Asus Video Cards too.ASUS GPUTweak II Ver:、Traditional/Simplified Chinese language support. Enhancement:1、Enhance display stability of monitors with high...

Defin4ar by Level 7
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GPU TWEAK 2 doesn't recognize my STRIX card

Hello, I'm having a problem with GPU TWEAK. The thing is, the software recognizes the card, but not the model, so STRIX features are omitted. My card is an R9 390 STRIX DC3, the software says it is a generic r9 390, and, from what I know, the "auto" ...

Help, ROG RamDisk Error, Using RAM after uninstalled.

HiSo I just got a Asus Maximus Hero VII, and I was installing software from the mobo asus website. I went and installed ROG RamDisk, but it gave me an error. "Installation Failed". Clicked finish. Everything seemed ok besides that error.. Told me to ...

foxmlg by Level 7
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AI Suite 3 - Fan Xpert - Gets stuck sometimes..

Hey Team,I have a couple of issues with Fan Xpert 3. I am totally new to these forums so please let me know if I do something wrong.I have just upgraded to my current specs, using Windows 10 Pro 64bit.The first issue is sometimes the CPU fan will sit...

5way drivers on Rampage V Extreem X99

Ensure to install MEI driver before using ASUS 5-Way OptimizationAny one else with Rampage V Extreme X99 have this issue help me out?i tried this link and the fix they offered did not work. "unless i missed a step"

Linux and Windows 10

Hello to everyone. I am looking for some advice on how to dual boot my system with windows 10 home 64 and Linux (Ubuntu). First off, I have never done this before. My existing system is a Windows 10 Home 64...AMD FX 8350 // Asus CvFz MOBO // R9 295x2...

Linux on G20 [Solved]

Problem solved. Turns out this rig does need a rather new kernel (3.18+), and some kernel parameters to work properly.I'd suggest going for Fedora21, as it is already shipping with kernel 3.17 on installation media, and currently is on kernel 3.18.9 ...