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Is Asus GameFirst (any version) worth installing ?

Does Asus GameFirst provide a noticeable benefit to justify installing ?Under what conditions does it really improve gaming performance (i.e., slow computers, slow Internet access, non-tweaked systems, etc.) ?How is it different from cFosSpeed ?Coul...

Denna by Level 11
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Hey all. I have 2 questions:1. How can i check if i'm running the latest drivers for Audio, LAN, Wireless, SATA and Bluetooth? I notice there are all of these with version number under downloads for my particular motherboard on the Asus website whic...

AI Suite / Power Driver State Failure BSOD / Dipawayode

Hey all,At wits end with this setup. I built a new machine a few months ago, had all kinds of stupid issues (see here: and ...

Asus Rog Suite III only FANS

I love the Asus Rog Suite III but I only want to install the FAN section of it.I have formatted my PC multiple times to find I don't need all the other features in the software playing with my settings.How can I just install the FAN part only so I ca...

What software is this?

What software is this?I had to reinstall my OS and a program that came with my PC is no longer on my PC and i'd like to redownload it.It came with my ROG came with the asus gaming PC and was on your taskbar, It allowed to Faster A.I Charging, c...

GP Tweak 2 monitor issue

Anyone having issues with GPU tweak 2 monitor window settings resetting every time tweak 2 is restarted? I have it set to monitor temps and clock speed for example but every time I start tweak 2 it resets to monitoring everything. Running latest vers...

Halpers by Level 7
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Bug Report - Game First IV (Beta)

I'm not entirely sure that this is the right place to be posting, but I recently updated to the beta versio nof Game First IV. I used III quite a bit and figured that I should check out the new one.The program doesn't start. I get the UAC window, hit...