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How to remove WiFi! Go Server

Mobo: M6FBIOS: 1603BIOS date: 8/15/2014AI Suite III contains the WiFi Go service which I'd like to remove to test if that'll prevent the WiFi! Go Server errors from appearing in Windows Event Viewer. WiFi! Go Server doesn't appear in Programs or Serv...

tocguy by Level 9
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AsusVerifyJWT.exe Exception code: 0xe0434352

Hi all,I run into an issue: Application: AsusVerifyJWT.exeFramework Version: v4.0.30319Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception.Exception Info: System.NotSupportedException Exception Info: System.IO.FileLoadExceptionat Sy...

Biq by Level 7
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AsusUpdateCheck.exe reappears after reboot

I stumbled into the AsusUpdateCheck.exe issue when I was uninstalling AI Suite 3. This program appears in the Windows/System32 folder after each reboot. No matter what I do - stop the service and delete the file - it reappears again after each rebo...

Ken429 by Level 7
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Windows 11 Core isolation and AsIO.sys:

Hello,i upgraded to Windows 11 and now at a later point wanted to activate the windows core isolation.Windows does those driver checks and it told me about there bein no incompatibilities at first and asked me to reboot.After reboot a window popped u...

revealed by Level 7
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Ryujin-Armoury Crate Red Dot

The Ryujin still shows a red dot with white N in Armoury Crate. Armoury Ctrate updated several times, last today jan 30 '23 to new ver.Ryujin 360 + latest firmware. No profile to change? at least I can't see where is it, if any.Sync or not to sync! d...

Aiosue by Level 8
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XPG Spectrix M.2 ssd sync issue!!

okay, now that my armory crate update thing is working, onto a new more irritating issue.I bought a 1Tb and a 512Gb nvme m.2 drive from amazon when i ordered parts for my new rig. I was very caredul to make sure all my components were compatible. My ...

ROG Armory Crate > Scenario Profiles & Advanced AURA effects

Hi all,I have found how to link a custom scenario profile to a particular game or application. The part that baffles me is that it is not possible to link AURA Sync effect to Advanced (custom created effects) but only to basic predefined ones! Am I d...

hogar77 by Level 7
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Cannot save the file on ASUS laptop

Hello community. Are there members who use Microsoft PowerPoint Office? I was given a .ppt format file to do a simple change. But PowerPoint won't let me save to .ppt. After saving the file this error message occurred:Cannot save the fileAlsoPowerPoi...

Sonic Radar III - Game Detection for PUBG

Hi everyone!I've just purchased a ROG 370-F partly because of the Sonic Radar III feature and hoping that it'll help with being deaf in one ear and so constantly never knowing what is going on around me and more specifically where it's happening when...

ptegan by Level 7
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