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HPU issues with 1304 bios

hi guysim running an asus hero z690 and 12900k with a strix 3090 OCi am currently using bios 811 because whenever i go to either 1003 or 1304 i get drastic gpu slowdown, i score literally about half in firestrike solely on my gpu , the rest of the sy...

Can I re-partition the ROG drivers flash drive?

Hey guys, as the title says, would it be possible to repartition the ROG drivers USB drive in order to have more space for newer drivers?I've tried several softwares but nothing worked so far.Thanks in advance!

HadesRHW by Level 7
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Can't install ROG Game Plus

When i go to armoury crate and click Game Plus to download it, it shows "downloading" for a seccond and then nothing happens.What should I do?My specs:Asus Rog Zephyrus G14 laptopWindows 10Armoury Crate

ROG Crosshair VIII Extreme Blue LED's won't turn off.

Looking to get as much information as I can before trying to send this off to ASUS.I have a ROG Crosshair VIII Extreme, and 3 days in, the blue LED's on the motherboard (some of them, not all of them) decided to stay on.Shut down? - blue LED onPowere...

ROG Gladius II Left Side button not working

I got a problem with this mouseSometimes the left side button is not working like usualI usually use that as back/forward buttonbut sometimes it changed by itself to DPI change buttonIt sometimes fixes itself, and then it will happen againthis is the...

Nahimic Service causing programs to startup slow

Hello there, noticed today some of my programs not all, mainly firefox, emclient, aimp player, chrome takes ages to load up when I click on them, i then disabled all non MS services via msconfig and everything was fine, I then began the long journey ...

AsusSetup appeared in Task manager

This wouldn't concern me if I was actually installing something but I'm not. AsusSetup just appeared in Task Manager and appears to be doing nothing. I can't find a service to disable. Nor can I find a scheduled task to load it. It doesn't appear any...

skrybe by Level 9
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AISuite over writing Power & Sleep settings

I see in the Event Viewer, under System logs that AISuite will over write my Power & Sleep times after I change them. Why is AISuite doing this and how do you stop it?Process C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\AI Suite III\DIP4\DIPAwayMode\DipAwayMode.exe ...

Ryuo 240 and Custom Gifs

Has anyone successfully uploaded custom gifs to their Ryuo 240.I can finally control the flip and gif, and the gif finally stays consistent thanks to another user, but how to we get custom gifs to work. My gifs will not load, and they are within the ...

Live Dash custom files

I've got my z370 Max Formula X board up and running. Just wondering if anyone has made or found a sight to download custom Live Dash animations. Anyone know how to make or program new ones?