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Sonic Studio 2.2.28

I installed the latest version (2.2.28) of the Sonic Studio which was released several days ago. Ever since then, i have troubles to start any kind of games because they immediately crashed. Restarting the PC usually fixed it but eventually, the issu...

Tumas by Level 7
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CPU temperature disparity: OCCT vs AI Suite 3

Sometimes OCCT has aborted tests because its measurement of a CPU core temperature has exceeded a threshold. I've countered this by undervolting the CPU which seems to have worked. Still, I want to know, why does OCCT give such a large different in C...

THX1139 by Level 7
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AI suite triple DLL error

All of a sudden my AI suite no longer works? from the few recent topics i found here, it seems to be happing after installing a GTX 10XX. In my case an ASUS GTX 1080 Advanced. I have to agree. The suite worked find before installing the GTX. Now it d...

Ch3vr0n by Level 10
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Display, ASUS Splendid Utility Problem, HELP urgent

My display sees different colours, whenever I hover over a clickable link with my mouse, on my browser, it changes the colour to give it a tint of yellow, Please be reminded that the ASUS splendid is set to Normal, and only Vivid when I play video ga...

windows 10 Education delay

Hi everyone,I've got a laptop: G752VY, Intel(R) Core(TM)i7-g700HQ CPU 2.60GHz, 2.60Ghz, ram 32GB, system type 64-bit operating system.I thought this would be fast. But I was wrong. It has a delay.. and all the software that I often use like Excel (20...

Asus USB 3 Boost download link does not work , any help thanks


Is it possible to configure RAMDisk to not save the drive's contents to a file ?

Denna by Level 11
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Where is the ON button for my laptop webcam?

Webcam is confirmed to be detected, without issue or documented defect, and to be enabled.When I open an application that uses it, it does not turn on. Is there a switch or option to forcibly turn it on? Where is it?To clarify. I do not need to tro...

Issue with FTP/SFTP Client, transfer speed capped at 1.3 MB/s

Hi there,I have an Asus ROG 15.6'' (GL551VW-FW136T) laptop since February and I have a persisting problem regarding Wi-Fi transfer speed using SFTP on various clients such as Filezilla or WinSCP or CyberDuck. I have access to a dedicated server confi...

DMCecil by Level 7
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How to switch off led and powered up usb when pc is off?

Hi, i'm new here. Just have a custom built rig recently, therefore would like to know how to configure the following issue.1) Pc into Sleep mode:Mobo led, Nzxt Hue+ led, Keyboard led to be off whileUsb able to charge my razer mouse and maybe phone. P...