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Problem with Fan Expert in ai-suite III

Hello,Tried search but didn't find help on this matter atleast anything newer than 2012.So my problem is as follows: I have made custom fan setups on ai-suite several times and multiple Windows reinstalls. Each time I end up with a situationthat some...

Jakeim by Level 7
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asus rog dies

Hi my asus rog gl551jm-eh74 can get about 50-60C degrees and during games it will randomly shut off to the login screen and it's very annoying I don't know why this is happening.

Help w Reset

Hi, my name is Richard and I had to reset windows and I need to know what software I need to re install from the ASUS website (biggest thing I want to fix is the back light on my keyboard not working) I found the page with all the files but there are...

ZenPad 3s 10 issue

Hello ROG and Asus crowd. I have a new problem with my new Z500M I purchased a few days ago. It has a fun issue of re-allocating memory whenever there's input. This clears and resumes after a normal reset, however to try and figure out the cause I d...

Veovis by Level 10
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GPU Tweak2 vs Nvidia control Panel

OK guys im bringing this to the forums, Im not sure if ive brought my topic to the correct section of the forum but none the less its on the forum.In short, every time i use the gaming booster from GPU TWEAK2 and then restart the nvidia control panel...

Manual voltage, offset or adaptiv mode?

Hi guys,I've read lots of different options about the right overclocking mode for core voltage.Right now I run my 6850k at 4,4 GHz with 1.34 core voltage at fixed manual. Is this voltage fine to stay fixed on for longtime?What do you guys recommand? ...

AI 3 Suite Overclocking instead of manually in BIOS?

I was wondering what method works best for OC on a video editing system.I only did manual overclocking with good results hitting the 4,5 GHz on my 6850K. Nevertheless I can't get 4,5 GHz stable at RealBench without much more time on fine tuning. Thus...

SEVERE "asus gpu tweakII removal tool" (format-like) BUG

as by title, yesterday i encountered a serious bug that actually "formatted" the entire disk. here's what's happened:1- launched the tool "remove the gpu tweakII?" yestool removed2- re-launched as administrator "remove * *? i thought, "what?" but i'd...

urielejh by Level 8
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STRIX RX 480 Crossfire performance problems

Specs: [Win 10]_[500gb SSD]_[850W PSU]_[FX 6100 4.5ghz]_[2x Strix 480]_[M5a97 R2.0 MB]When using one card games run great but I was expecting more.I've tried many games in crossfire. None of them work. I've seen all kinds of benchmarks running 480's ...