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ROG Armoury problems

So I have been using Armoury for my spatha and claymore and I can get it to work, however when I first load it up it doesn't show any of my devices and I have to click the little gear icon and click update firmware. It will then crash and windows wi...

Force Audio to Mono

I am deaf in one ear, and need a way to make all sound come thorough my left year. Note that this NOT the same as changing the levels. I miss out on a lot of sound when I am gaming (I use a headset for voice and to prevent disturbance to my family)....

blovett by Level 7
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GPU Tweak II Monitor Will Not Start

I have just upgraded my motherboard, CPU and memory and completed reinstalling Windows 10 and all of my software. Now, GPU Tweak II (v1.4.0.8) starts okay, but the monitor will not open. This worked fine on my old motherboard with the same graphics...

Asus GPUTweak II Version freezes my computer

When I use Asus GPUTweak II, sometime my computer freezes.It froze all them time when I used any GPU tweak programe. I up the Voltage to my RAM and I could use to Asus GPUTweak II. But 1x in the 10x It still freezes. DId my RAM checks with OS W10 and...

Cant install asus AI suite 3

Hello I am having problems with installing AI suite 3...I know it is "no offence" probabably buggiest software I ever encountered. When I started its setup program I got 2 errors: first cants start process 193 and than cant start process 87 and setup...

Ajinta by Level 7
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KeyBot II, Maximus Formula IX, Claymore

Hello All,I am trying to set up my keyboard so I can overclock or turn on and off via my keyboard.I have read in the extremely scarce information, that the something (keyboard? BIOS?) has to be in S5 mode?How can I configure my hardware & software so...

Crasje by Level 12
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