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64bits version of the SDK ?

Hi, any plan on releasing a 64bits version of the DLL ? We are unable to load the actual DLL from 64bits apps. Thx in advance !

Userguide / manual

Howsit guys,First of all, thanx allot for making the SDK available, works quite nice.I managed to take some commands from the example and write my own app to control the colors and they work (yay).Just another request,Is there a guide somewhere that ...

kkoos by Level 7
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SDK is Not Working

Hello,I Downloded the latest SDK and AURA Software But when i Start the Test Code Nothing happens.My System:Asus AROG Z270FAsus Geforce GTX 1060 Strix OCG.Skill Triden Z RGBCann annyone help me?

Corrupted file ms project. How to restore?

I have a rather big plan of the project I'm working in 2013 within a few months. about a week ago, everything was fine. Now, when I tried to open .mpp from the file Manager or the "recently opened files", project (program) opens, but to open your .mp...

Which Armoury?

I have the Aura 1.05.16 installed on my Asus X299 E-Gaming motherboard which I believe is the latest. I just bought a claymore core keyboard from Frys electronics and so far everything is working fine although I don't have any Armoury software instal...

lazoli by Level 7
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Fans curve won't work in DIP5/Fan Xpert 4

Hey guys, I recently added a couple of temp sensors into my custom loop that work with the inputs on the motherboard and have been trying to base my fan curve off this. However the orange dot just won't follow the curve, the sensors are reading the ...


Software for Maximus IV gene-z/gen3

Hi all!I just did a clean install of Win10 64-bit from Win7 32-bit. So i'm wandering if i can get some help here to find drivers etc that i need? Thought it would be faster to ask for some help, than me searchin all araound to find stuff and maybe mi...