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X370 Pro prime Aura Problems

When I try to open the software, the software fails. I uninstalled the software and installed it again. Problem not solved.WARNING: Following frames may be wrong.aura+0x5e33eaura+0x6adf7aura+0x37449qt5core!QMetaObject::activate+0x4cfhttps://drdump.c...

Awsalli by Level 7
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Higher temperatures of the CPU and GPU under load

Gents,Have you experienced higher temperatures of the CPU and GPU with AI Suite 3, which resolved problem with latest MS Windows update?It seems strange but I have experienced higher temps since installed AIS 3.What are your experiences?

Some issues in Sonic Studio III

Hi gang.I just find out by some odd stuff, in Sonic Studio III the 16kHz is not working. I try other programs. like itunes, and is not my headphones. i try to diagnose the problem. is not the machine or the headphones. I try itunes and 16kHz is wo...

ROG STRIX GD30 didnt come with aegis III?

Hello!I got a new rog strix gd30 from bestbuy .ca (here) And I'm pretty sure its suppost to come with AEGIS III if I'm correct (as said on the page about the gd30) Also when I try to install it it says I need a ASUS ROG computer, but I obviously have...

AI Suite : this happens on a CLEAN install of Windows 10

I recently completely wiped and reinstalled Windows 10, hoping that would fix the problems I had with AI Suite and Aura.After reinstalling, my issues disappeared, to be replaced with a new one : right hereCan you guys fire the ass hat in charge of qu...

MxFragz by Level 7
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Sonic Studio crashing

Sonic Studio 3 crashes when I select the advanced tab with sonicstudio3 has stopped working. I removed drivers and reinstalled the latest drivers but same thing happens. This on Z270 Strix e.

AI Suite 3 won't open

It was working fine for the past week and today when I try to click on it, it doesn't open. The program is running but I can't get to the User interface. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Don't know what's wrong with it, I need to use Fan Xpert...

Nada190 by Level 7
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AI Suite 3 VS GPU Tweak

Hello everyone!I have an Asus Z97-PRO GAMER motherboard, and an Asus GTX 770 graphics card.Right now i have GPU Tweak and AI Suite 3 installed, the first with a light OC profile, and the second did the 5-Way Optimization.My question is: do i need to ...

Asus aura sync error

Asus aura sync errorwhen opening aura sync first shows up with install driver failed then when i click ok it says start driver failed i reinstalled the aura sync again uninstalled it what can i do more it will start eventually but about a minute late...

Gofran by Level 8
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