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Asus Gamefirst VI active fail - z690 hero

hi all, i just reinstall windows 11and install all driver got a problem nowasus gamefirst vi not working nowit say unable to reach server. local network problem or server downit was server really down?

Maximus Z690, Sound optical/digital, Sonic suite companion

Hi All,I have 2 issues with my sounds (1 software).I have connected my mobo via an optical cable to my Steelseries Wireless pro DAC. For the DAC I have an optical cable to my 5.1 Logitec DTS/Dolby Digital/THX sound system. When I turn on my headset, ...

Crasje by Level 12
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ROG Strix z270g + firmware 1501 + AsUpIo.sys = BSOD

So, after a little forums searching, I guess it's no huge secret that AsUpIo.sys can be the cause of some BSOD issues for some...I've had an entirely stable system on firmware 1301 for a couple years now... ROG Strix Z270GYesterday I upgraded to the...

TimRex by Level 7
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Gaming Centre showing wrong GPU information

Hope this is the right thread for this.I'm having issues with my gaming centre, I've tried searching to see if anyone else has this problem but I've only seen other people with CPU information being wrong.The GPU information is showing the wrong spee...

MattPux by Level 7
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ASUS Sonic Studio 3 / Realtek HD Driver Sound Issue

Hi everyone,1 or so week ago I started having problems with Sonic Studio 3. Specifically, it started crashing randomly and no matter what changes I made, nothing worked.I reinstalled Sonic Studio 3 (currently I have v3.16.9.0 installed) and Sonic Rad...

AI Suite 3.00.78

Hello everyone. Just updated the ai suite to the version 3.00.78 with my b-550E but everything has gone I was using mainly the Fan xpert and even that is gone. Anyone having the same issue?

Documentation for using Asus Com Service

I have a plugin for MSI Afterburner and I'd like to add some sensors from my X570-I to it. In particular, the T Sensor which isn't connected to the Nuvoton chip and Afterburner isn't able to read out of the box. There are other sensor programs that a...

Keyboard backlight on start-up

So, for my keyboard backlight, I have it set to a static, red coloration. However, as of very recently, I started seeing that the backlight flashes/strobes rainbow colors when I start up my laptop, before then reverting to the static red that I want ...