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Sonic Studio III All Applications Question

On the ASUS video for Sonic Studio III your guy shows the program accessing many applications such as STEAM and GForce Experience as well as whatever program is used for playing videos etc.My Sonic Studio III only gives me access to a couple of the g...

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IainM by Level 7
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Colours incorrect on GPU?

Hi,I have a STRIX GTX 1070 that I decided to change the colours on for the Olympics, because why not? I typically don't use the RGB at all so the first thing I did was download the latest software which apparently is 1.05.28. I notice you can type ...

Tical84 by Level 7
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GPU Tweak II Issue

Hello, ever since I downloaded and installed the newest Tweak II, I have had issues, one of them was after the reboot, and my Asusgpufan.exe stopped working.Now sometimes I have to turn off my PC, and turn it back on, because Fan 1 & 2 are running, b...

ROG gaming center help

So I can press the ROG gaming center dedicated key or open from the icon and it begins the initializing. The process of ROG gaming key stays open in my task manager, but the gaming center itself does not open anymore. please help

Sonic Studio III help

So I just upgraded my rig and I'm using the Maximus IX Formula that came with Sonic Studio. Now on the motherboard website under sound it says that the sonic studio app has a device manager and application manager but I don't get any of those options...

Ludwig44 by Level 7
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ASUS ROG Strix Z370-F MB LED Light Wont Come On

Hi,I have an ASUS ROG Strix Z370-F MB. Originally the LED light on it worked fine and synced with the RAM LEDs (G Skillz Trident). Now I can't get the MB LED light to come on?In Aurora the Motherboard category is not lit up (greyed out) - any idea ho...

ASUS AI Suite 3 Stopped Working on Windows 10

Hi,I've being using ASUS AI Suite 3 on Windows 10 (latest update) for years for my MAXIMUS VI FORMULA. I have version 1.00.56, which is the latest available on my motherboard page:

AI Suite 3 problems with Z370-F Gaming

Hi, i´ve got some trouble with my system if AI Suite 3 Dual Intelligent Processors 5 runs. If i bench the CPU or gaming after view seconds the T_Sensor temprature is jumping to different temps. It jumps different from N/A to 30°C to 66°C to 188°C. 30...

RamCache and RamCache II slow shutdown and stopping

Is there anything that can be done to fix the really slow shutdown running either version of RamCache causes. I used RamCache on my Rampage V Extreme and am using RamCache II now on my Rampage VI Apex board. I'm using 8GB of RAM for the cache and i...

SGMRock by Level 9
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Error 344383

Hi, does anyone know how to get Aura to work?My Motherboard is Prime Z370-P, I have a Mastercooler casing with RGB lights on the fans. There is a remote control switch inside the glass case. Aura is downloaded, I just cant bring up the Aura program. ...