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ESENT - anyone know what this is

This ESENT thing is running in my computer and generating errors. It identifies itself as a beta. But not a beta of what. I have been searching for an explanation of how it got there and what it does. I am trying to fight some strangeness in my WIn 1...

ASUS LiveDash - This needs improving....

Why can we only select 1 data field to display when we use "Large" text...yet 5 data fields to display when we use "Small"? The small text is so tiny that I can't even read it from where I sit...making the LiveDash useless. I can see the Large data h...

AI Suite Dilema

Same as the majority of people, I only use AI Suite 3 for the Fan Expert feature. At the moment I am in two minds whether I should uninstall the old AI Suite and install the new one, because of all the problems reported in here. The last fan profile ...

aceisme by Level 10
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Ezupdate not working proper

EZupdate keeps telling me there is an Intel chipset driver, that does not exist. Using intel update has the drivers uptodate.But at the same time Ezupdate has missed numerous ASUS updates and BIOS updates, have removed it reinstalled it.. just does n...

ceward by Level 7
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Help with AI Suite 3 on H97M-Plus motherboard

Hi, I've been having problems with my old AI Suite 3 version after the Meltdown patch, after reading the forums, I found the the latests AI Suite 3 version .13 seems to work, but I'm not sure if I can use that version on my old motherboard (H97M-Plus...

X370 Pro prime Aura Problems

When I try to open the software, the software fails. I uninstalled the software and installed it again. Problem not solved.WARNING: Following frames may be wrong.aura+0x5e33eaura+0x6adf7aura+0x37449qt5core!QMetaObject::activate+0x4cfhttps://drdump.c...

Awsalli by Level 7
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Higher temperatures of the CPU and GPU under load

Gents,Have you experienced higher temperatures of the CPU and GPU with AI Suite 3, which resolved problem with latest MS Windows update?It seems strange but I have experienced higher temps since installed AIS 3.What are your experiences?

Some issues in Sonic Studio III

Hi gang.I just find out by some odd stuff, in Sonic Studio III the 16kHz is not working. I try other programs. like itunes, and is not my headphones. i try to diagnose the problem. is not the machine or the headphones. I try itunes and 16kHz is wo...