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New bios for x370-f

Hi all When can we see new bios for strix x370-f. Still no fix for bios to be save against Spectre. That fix i cant understand there are no solution for yet. I understand it can take time to patch your own software but a bios update for spectre sho...

Asus Rog laptop GPU Perf Limiter

Hello everyone. I just got an Asus GL553VE laptop, with Intel core i7 7700HQ, Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti 4GB, 8GB RAM and a 5400rpm HDD. The first week was ok. When I entered the Rog Gaming Center, I saw that there is a GPU Perf Limiter option, and it was se...

X542UR: WHEA-Logger ID 17

Hi!I'm sorry for my bad english. I am writing with Google Translate.1 month ago I bought a Asus X542UR-GQ275T laptop computer. The guarantee is ongoing.I get the following warning in the Windows Event Viewer:"A corrupted hardware fault has occurred.C...

LiveDash Suggestion

I'm currently using a X299 Rampage VI Extreme motherboard with the latest version of LiveDash (1.01.08). I currently have a temperature probe set up in my custom water cooling loop, and I noticed that while the OLED display shows up to a tenth of a d...

Asus AI Suite and Windows 7

What I haven't been able to find out whether the Windows Security Update about 1 week was isolated to Windows 10 only or does it also affect Windows 7. I know there is a beta version out but I don't want to play with a beta on my system. If someone...

blueVF by Level 7
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AI Suite 3 unable to load after re-install

Hi everyone.I just recently installed the latest Windows Update that patches the Meltdown exploit, however after installing this update, this has also prevented quite a few of the programs installed on my PC from opening correctly, in that they are b...

mattf128 by Level 7
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Sonic Studio

Will the Fusion 500 use sonic studio, or have some way of changing the EQ?

Need help with GPU Tweak II command line switches.

Hi,I need some help with the GPUTweakII.exe command and the command line switches it supports. I am having problems starting it minimised when the options to start minimised are checked so I am trying a workaround where I manually add the exe to my ...