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Aura, SDK use, and SpeedFan

Where can I download URA for my Maximus IX Extreme?Does it replace Aura and fix it's constant locking up problems which require a power down and discharge?In all seriousness, is anyone having issues where Aura and SpeedFan collide (on what I'd assume...

Zenairo by Level 7
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Kaspersky Anti-Virus for ASUS

Just a quick crazy question, is there or will there be a 2018 version shipped from Asus for those buying new boards instead of the 2016 version that shipped on the disk and via the ROG download link?

Pyro411 by Level 7
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Push Notice using AI Suite 3 Problem

Hi All: After updating to the new Dip 5 on AI Suite 3 and activating my Push Notice with a Samsung S8 , I am getting push notice's from other computers. Ie: Cancan3-PX shutting down. C19h2802-PC CPU 78.0 centigrade Ect, Ect. I have t...

DRAM Voltage in TurboV Core with R6A

I mentioned this in another thread a few days ago and now have some screenshots to illustrate the issue.The rig is as in my signature - R6A, 7820X, DDR4-4400 DRAMs. TurboV Core version is 1.02.02.I'm convinced the board is working correctly and the ...

jab383 by Level 13
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Sonic Studio III All Applications Question

On the ASUS video for Sonic Studio III your guy shows the program accessing many applications such as STEAM and GForce Experience as well as whatever program is used for playing videos etc.My Sonic Studio III only gives me access to a couple of the g...

IainM by Level 7
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Colours incorrect on GPU?

Hi,I have a STRIX GTX 1070 that I decided to change the colours on for the Olympics, because why not? I typically don't use the RGB at all so the first thing I did was download the latest software which apparently is 1.05.28. I notice you can type ...

Tical84 by Level 7
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GPU Tweak II Issue

Hello, ever since I downloaded and installed the newest Tweak II, I have had issues, one of them was after the reboot, and my Asusgpufan.exe stopped working.Now sometimes I have to turn off my PC, and turn it back on, because Fan 1 & 2 are running, b...

ROG gaming center help

So I can press the ROG gaming center dedicated key or open from the icon and it begins the initializing. The process of ROG gaming key stays open in my task manager, but the gaming center itself does not open anymore. please help

Sonic Studio III help

So I just upgraded my rig and I'm using the Maximus IX Formula that came with Sonic Studio. Now on the motherboard website under sound it says that the sonic studio app has a device manager and application manager but I don't get any of those options...

Ludwig44 by Level 7
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