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Armoury II crashes when I try to load my custom effect

It was working previously, but today, when I try to load my custom lighting effect from profile 1, it crashes. Restart hasn't fixed it. What's worse, just did a firmware update on my Strix Flare and it's wiped out my lighting effects. Any help is app...

nbtc971 by Level 10
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Aura & Z170 Hero Alpha

Are the two compatible with the newest version or Aura? It's listed under the software for my motherboard but it only lists the Strix 1080 gpu and not the mobo headers. I tried asking this in the official Aura thread but didn't have any luck.The olde...

rdh by Level 7
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Asus GameFirst IV is Vulnerable to attacks.

Dear Asus,My Forticlient shows that the MariaDB based db "part" of GameFirst IV is heavily outdated, thus got lot of critical vulnerabilities in it.I would like to update it to the latest version, however just installing over the new MariaDB version ...

_H0PE_ by Level 7
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Strix 1080 TI Help??

I just recently got a lot of new pieces for my rig, the star of the show being a STRIX 1080 Ti. I love everything about it, but I seem to be having two issues relating to Aura Sync.1.) The lighting on the Ti lags behind the other lights when on any o...

Sonic Studio problems.

I have a brand new Asus Strix GD30CL computer.Im trying to hook up my Audio Technica microphone for recording and Sonic Studios keeps saying that the mic is not supported. Ive tried updating drivers (realtek and others) and no bueno. I tried to upgra...

ROG Armoury wont install

when I try to download the ROG armoury software on my it crashes before I can install with error number 0x80040707 Description: DLL function call crashed: IsSupported.IsASUSMB. What is going on?

Strix 1080 Ti Aura Sync issues?

I recently managed to purchase a Strix 1080ti from someone in my neighborhood that was selling his mining rig, and I've been ecstatic with the raw performance coming from it (upgraded from a 1060 3gb), but I'm having a couple of issues with it in reg...

Problem with ROG Gaming Center

i just owned ROG GL553VD last week, and i have problem with ROG Gaming Center software. I installed the app from the drivers CD that came with the laptop. The problem is when i try to open the app, it always crashed. Sometimes it works when i restart...

mmdafiq by Level 7
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