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Getting banned in a game because of Sonic Radar

Hello everyone,So my problem is that I get banned from a game called WarZ Reloaded when Sonic Suite 2 is running. This is why I get banned, from what the devs have sent me: SS2Svc32.exe I've searched on it and it looks like Sonic Radar is the culprit...

Bigfrog by Level 7
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Aura SDK with marquee effect like NZXT

just the title is it possible to program it into marquee effect like NZXT HUE+i am using addressable RGB led connected to motherboard (asus rog strix Z370-f gaming)

jackq95 by Level 7
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How to Install ASUS Bluetooth Driver?

ASUS, a Taiwanese multinational computer hardware and electronics company headquartered in Beitou District which produces desktops, laptops, netbooks, LED/LCD panels, mobile phones, networking equipment, monitors, motherboards, graphics cards, optica...

Gladius II with aura sync

Hi,I just purchased a Gladius II mouse.How can I sync the RGB with my motherboard/GPU?The mouse doesn't appear in Aura sync, only in ROG Armoury.Problem is that all my other devices are available on Aura sync, and not in ROG Armoury...

Aura conflicting with external Sound Blaster audio card

Hi all, I ran into a weird issue after installing the latest Aura software version. I have a Z270I motherboard and a Sound Blaster X-Fi 5.1 Pro external sound card, which is connected to a 7 port USB hub that is plugged into the motherboard. After in...

Problem in option Surround on Sonic Studio 3

In Sonic Studio3 has a 'Surround' option to create an experience in 5.1 speakers. But when comparing the native version of the microsoft driver and even the normal 2.0 audio of the asus realtek driver. The Sonic Studio 3's 'Surround' option removes m...

maxwgod by Level 7
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Aura SDK in Javascript!

For anyone that this could be useful, I've written a Node.js C++ binding for the SDK. I find it much more easier to write my themes using Javascript.You can find more info here: are only two gotchas:...

Duning5 by Level 7
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Asus aura works properly only once after instalation

So basically title explains it. After i instal aura, i got 3 devices MB,RAM,STRIP, i set up the color i want and here we go.Then if i turn of the computer or restart on the next boot aura shows only RAM and STRIP sometimes not even the RAM show up bu...

ASUS CloneDrive

I thought I would try ASUS CloneDrive to see how it works cloning an OS driveI cloned a 1TB Plextor M8Pe M.2 pcie NVME drive with Windows 7 Pro 64bit onto an Intel 750 1.2 TB pcie NVME driveThe cloned drive booted without any issues, took 11min 28 s...

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Menthol by Level 14
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