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Did AISuite3 install Intel XTU on my Ryzen system?

So I suddenly started to get BSODs when gaming in particular. Ran Driver Verifier to see if it was a driver acting up since a mini dump analysis revealed nothing and sure enough the Verifier came back with a BSOD indicating the "iocbios2.sys" driver...

akb88 by Level 7
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Aura and Poseidon GTX 1080 ti

I figured out I had to disable Aura on the 2 GPU’s to get Aura to work on both MB and GPU’s, but there is a small «sync» problem. The GPU’s are late on changing color (less than a second) and it seems that on most types, they don’t work for more than...

Sverre by Level 9
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AURA DRAM LED Shutdown on sleep

Is there a way to make RGB DRAM like G. Skill Trident RGB also turn off with the motherboard when you put the computer to sleep? The shutdown feature in AURA seems to only apply to motherboard LEDs. It defeats the purpose of having the lights off if...

Dreaden by Level 7
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Asus services remain after AI Suite uninstall.

I've noticed that the Asus Com Service, Asus System Control Service and AsusFanControlService are still running on my machine after uninstalling AI Suite and running AI Suite cleaner tool. Is this normal?

RGB Fans Not Displaying Blue Or Green With Aura

I am using 5 Bitfenix RGB Specter Pro Aura certified fans for my build all attached to a Silverstone LSB01 RGB hub that works with Aura as well. Every time I calibrate my header with Aura, the fans do not show blue or green at all. Only red. I have t...

How to Aura sync LED strips with individual LED colours

Hi guysI'm new to Aura sync and all that jazz. I have two RGB strips hooked up to the RGB headers. Nothing in the RGB addressable header. I have seen some people configure their RGB strips to do a rainbow effect which gives each individual LED a desi...

Tuff253 by Level 7
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