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AURA support for ARGB needs to be improved!

Hey,I just recently replaced all my Cooler Master RGB fans with Noctua Chromas and added the latest Phanteks ARGB halux frames and ARGB strips.I'm using a Z370-E with a ROG Strix 1080TI and dual Gskill RGB memory. (Upgraded to the latest BIOS and AUR...

dropped by Level 7
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What features do you want in GPU Tweak?

As title - what features do you want or think we are missing in GPU Tweak? Please list them below with a short description of what the feature should do.

X-ROG by Level 15
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Asus services

So i uninstalled the Asus suite but still see quite a few services running by Asus , which ones are safe to terminmate, the whole point of uninstalling Asus suite was to get rid of this bloatThe names of the ones i see running are asComSvAsSysCtrlSer...

Aura Sync & Trident Z Gkills ram

So new build, Z370-F, gSkill RGB Ram.First time I boot up, all the lights work. *Each subsequent boot, the ram is not controllable by AURA.Any suggestions? *Thanks. *

WowMags by Level 7
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Aura Sync doesn't work

Hello, before i get into it i'd like to inform you that i did loads of research but all the "solutions" that i've found did nothing to help me fix the issue.So, i recently bought the Asus Prime x470 Pro and was really excited about the onboard LED an...

Divider by Level 7
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Realtelk Audio Driver amplify level keeps resetting

Hi. I am trying to change the amplify level from Performance to Powerful on the Realtek Audio Manager control panel. But everytime I change the setting it just goes back to Performance after a restart.Is there any fix to this?Things I have tried:Rein...

Primary display configuration

I have a asus gtx 1080 ti oc on the first pcie express slot (X16) of my maximus x pc has been starting up very weird, the monitor says "no display port signal" even though the monitor and pc is connected via the gpu display port, then it goes...

aeron24 by Level 7
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