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RAMcache II vs. RAMcached III and MB Compatibility

About the time the Crosshair x570 first released I got a fantastic deal on a new-in-box retail Crosshair Extreme VI x370 thinking that some day they would add support for ZEN 3 chips like the 5600x, 5800x, and 5800x3D. I noticed some weeks ago that...

AI Suite <-> Fan Xpert: Fan speed issue

I have problem with fans rapidly kicking in full speed without any known reason. They just randomly throttle to the max without any reason. It could be when PC is idle, when it's under load - whatever it could be, fans just push to the max, though a ...

Fan Xpert 4 vs AISuite vs Armoury Crate

Hi,I have just finished to build my new setup (Strix z790-E + 13900K). I am very stonished to see that Fan Xpert 4 in no more included within the AISuite software. It seems that it is mandatory to install Asus Armoury Crate in order to be able to use...

sl910 by Level 7
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Where to Download AI Suite 3 ?

Hello I have an ASUS Maximus Hero IX and would like to download the current version of AI Suite 3 -- I can't find a copy on the website. Any help? Thanks.

shiney by Level 8
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Incorrect GPU temperature value in FanXpert.

I see wrong GPU temperature values detected by FanXpert. I have a Gigabyte RTX 3070ti and the temp values read by Aorus and NZXT CAM software is same. But the value shown in FanXpert is higher and my fans speed up to lower the wrong temp value. Anyon...