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Latest AISuite / FanXpert for ROG Maximus VIII Hero Alpha

Hi all!I'm new to the ROG forums, though I took part in the forums at various times over the course of multiple motherboard builds over the years.I have a ROG Maximus VIII Hero Alpha (not the earlier VIII Hero). I've been trying to find...

'Lighting Service' preventing adaptive voltages / cstep

Been trying to figure out why high clocks / cpu usage during idle on this 8700K, latest 1002 bios. Long story short, found 'lighting service' using up to 10% cpu, ending this task and clocks immidately dropped to 800mhz on all cores as well as droppi...

F0x135 by Level 8
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SetMBColor dont Work

Hi SetMBColor dont work even with your SDK sample it return 1 (seems ok) but nothing happenedjust SetMbMode work in mode 0 but back Plate LED not turn onMy MB: ZENITH EXTREMEB.R


Hi,I have a problem that ROG GameVisual, changes presets by itself (randomly?) while I am gaming and I do not understand why. This is annoying. Once I have chosen a preset sRGB for example before I launch my game, I would like it to stick unless I ch...

AI Suite still not working, at all.

AI Suite crashes hard when I try to manage my fans through Fan Xpert 4. I posted at the time it started to happen, end of last year.The latest release for AI Suite was the version 3.00.13 on the 2018/01/16 (according to your website). It's been almos...

MxFragz by Level 7
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ASUS Strix X99 Motherboard & ASUS RGB Software

I build this desktop last year and since day one i been having a lot of problems with it, first the motherboard would give me errors about overclock failded when my system was not overclocked, the usb ports are acting up all the time even today some ...

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Serious bug in Fan Xpert 4 with Maximus X Hero

Hello all,As some of you have already noticed there are some serious issues with fan profiles in Fan Xpert4 not being properly remembered where ghosting yellow dots are observed. So I have fiddled around a bit more and I can reproduce quite simply th...

Issue with asus rog claymore keybaord

So I just bought my keyboard from amazon and everything was good for about a week, untill i started getting issues with my keyboard, when i tried to walk ingames it acts as if i keep pressing and letting go of the w button instead of just holding it ...

shn6a by Level 7
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