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Serious bug in Fan Xpert 4 with Maximus X Hero

Hello all,As some of you have already noticed there are some serious issues with fan profiles in Fan Xpert4 not being properly remembered where ghosting yellow dots are observed. So I have fiddled around a bit more and I can reproduce quite simply th...

Issue with asus rog claymore keybaord

So I just bought my keyboard from amazon and everything was good for about a week, untill i started getting issues with my keyboard, when i tried to walk ingames it acts as if i keep pressing and letting go of the w button instead of just holding it ...

shn6a by Level 7
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Sonic Stuido 3 gone? (Version Hero X Maximus Wi-Fi

Hey guys,I just saw the new Audio Driver from earlier this year, and I noticed there is no Sonic Studio 3 inside? Is it gone? I saw there is now a UWP, but I not see any App installed.Hope you guys can help me? Paid a lot for the Mainboard so

ehnoah by Level 7
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"Gaming Booster" gpu tweak II

Anyone use gpu tweak II solely for the Gaming Booster feature? Anybody use it on a GL series laptop? Your thoughts, experience?

tap002 by Level 9
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ROG Spotlight and Aura Sync ?

So i managed to get my hands on the ROG spotlight, Now as I'm admittedly a bit of a ROG fanboy I was quite excited for a trinket of ROG goodness especially as on the box it says "Aura Sync" with the RGB ring around it, Yet it doesn't show up in Aura ...

Sonic Studio/Sonic Radar II

Hello ASUS, do you TEST this stuff at all? This does a lousy install, and it leaves you with the old version of...

Asus aura shutdown setting

Hi,Currently running the latest aura software.When I go to the Sync at Shutdown and change any setting, it goes back to color cycle effect. It will not apply any of the changes i make.It also overrides the BIOS setting as well, which I have it to off...

Should Aura v1.06.17 work on Maximus IX Hero under Win10?

Hi all. I'm pretty new to both the forum and this particular mobo. After getting my build up and running I started doing a little exploring and ran across the software Aura. The brief explanation that I saw was interesting -- particularly the abil...