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MOBO ROG RGB Leds no lighting up

Hello there. So, I got an Asus Maximus X Hero with onboard RGB lights, which were working fine until a couple of weeks ago. Now they're not lighting up anymore, and the motherboard is not showing in AURA. When I turn on my system, after a couple minu...

ROG aura core not responding

can anyone help me about my aura core. it doesn't work properly. the lightning on my keyboard also dont work. thanks

Fanxpert not seeing my case fans

So i have been in and changed the CPU fan to PWM and the rest to DC as it was not reporting on them when they were all on DC , it only shows the CPU fan , but i can see the RPM of the 4 fans What do i need to do so it see's all the fans and then i ca...

Aura Sync + TT Sync Controller

Hello, everyone.I have a problem with the Aura Sync and TT Sync Controller.So, what do we have:Asus prime x299 deluxe (latest bios 1503)Only 2 rgb connectors (rgb sync (12v) and add rgb sync (5v) on the MB.Aura Sync 1.06.95Windows 10 x64Everything wo...

sui13 by Level 7
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LED strips turn off after shut down

Hi, the motherboard LEDs stay on but the LED strips connected to the RGB header turn off when I shut the computer down. Is this beahviour normal? Isn't there any way to make the strips stay on with motherboard LEDs after turning the comupet off (slee...

AI Suite 3 now also has GPU monitoring and control. Good idea?

I updated my AI Suite 3 version because of compatibility issues after that windows 10 update. And I notice that now it also added GPU to the "5 way optimization" TPU. I never use AI Suite for overclocking, I only use it for Fan Xpert and EPU.Is it sa...

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DSD27 by Level 7
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C++ Error

I keep getting a C++ runtime error that seems to have something to do with WiFi-Go. I have not been able to find a solution yet and was hoping someone here might have run across this problem. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum. Screen shot posted.

Can't get bluetooth to work

New build with the X299 Prime DeluxeHave installed the bluetooth drivers multiple times, disabled and re-enabled the device multiple times, have updated drivers via Windows (10 pro) but the motherboard Bluetooth still refuses to work and I get this e...


Can't install AI Suite 3

I have a new build with X299 Prime Deluxe but having quite a few problems. One problem is I can't get AI Suite III to work, I keep getting the following error messages come up upon booting Windows (10 pro)Asus support have sent me the link to this AI...