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64bit Aura Sync SDK DLL?

Hi,I noticed the DLL included is arcane and only uses half my computer. Any chance you guys can compile a 64 bit version as well?I'm making a Java wrapper and to use a win32 DLL, I'll have to downgrade my SDK to 32 bit, which will hurt the performanc...

Asus GPUTweak2 Version

New, but seems being made for only one purpose.Asus GPUTweak2 Version Support GeForce RTX 20 series only.File size : 86.31MbDate published: Sept 20, 2018Link: haven't tested...


Cant sync even the memory with aura software... And I cant find Rog aura terminal to buy in Brasil, to sync fans and strips.... I am stuck in "AURA ASYNC"!! Help!Ballistix is not listed in aura's site, but in Ballistix's site, they give this informat...

Nesall by Level 7
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Aura lighting service caused cooling fan to be constant

Hi guysas the title says, ive got a GL703 with the asus lighting software/service installedThe lighting service doesnt use much cpu (approx 15%) but it causes the cpu fan to remain on all the timeI have done multiple tests with software/hardware but ...

Gputweak2 ver shows wrong GPU clock

When starting Windows and Gputweak opens, monitor shows first 1544MHz GPU clock and then immediately drops to 658MHz and stays there. This happens nearly every windows startup and when Gputweak opens. The actual clock speed is correct when checking ...

kompura by Level 7
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Rog Spotlight looks better without Aura

Just got a ROG spotlight and it really is pretty cool. Casts the logo very clear that holds up even across the room. The color was a perfect ROG red when I plugged it in the first 4 or 5 times while I looked for the perfect location.In fact, the c...

Maximus X Formula + LiveDash + Erp enabled issue

Hi guys, I have a problem with my new mobo and I would like to see if someone can help me: *I like to keep my usb devices turned off when I turn the pc off, so I usually enable ErP in bios. The thing is when I enable it, it seems that LiveDash screen...

[asus rog z270g] audio issue on windows 10

After i was bought and build my new config, on windows 10 pro 64-bit i've got audio issue somethimes when i speak on discord, play games or watch something on YT... It sounds like bug and i hear TRRRRRRRR.. After 5-10 seconds passed after a while. Is...