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ASUS Rog G20CB issue, any help appreciated

Have bought a Rog G20CB refurbished, previous owner gave it back to the shop as they thought it was a different model.Specs are i7 670012GB DDR4 2133mhz, Nvidia GTX 950Anyway tried booting it and it shows the ASUS splash screen with the words "Prep...

Asus Armoury Alt+Tab bug

Can you please fix a bug when Alt+tab keeps showing Armoury (on tray) after startup?To remove have to open it manually and press X (close to tray) again. Startup-tray, which means after every restart - its always bugged. Very much annoying~Its happen...

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Issue in asus promotion app

I recently bought an rog strix scar ii and i got exicted after seeing promotion of call of duty black ops 4. For game promotion code is required and i am suffering issue with promotion app installed in my system.I am not able to find promotion app i...

Aura Sync/Armory Fade Between Colours

Hi,I have tried the latest ASUS Aura Sync software and ASUS ROG Armory and have been trying to get two colour schemes to work with my ASUS ROG Strix Flare Keyboard.1) Fade between two colours. I have setup the two colour mode however it fades to blac...

ROG STRIX z370-e BIOS ASPM bug, what to do?

In BIOS, there is a setting that allows the OS to control the ASPM of PCIe devices, including the USB ports.However, when I make these changes, only some of the USB ports come under control of the OS. If I examine the PCI Configuration Space, several...

renordw by Level 7
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bug: GPUTweak enforces font smoothing to be enabled

i enabled GPUTweak to overclock a bit and make the fans run at a constant speed. after a few minutes or so, the screen flashes black and font smoothing is somehow re-enabled in my user settings.i am running windows 8.1 pro wmc on a radeon r9 270. i d...


Hi,I recently installed the above (DIP5_1.05.14) as I wish to establish an overclock.However, when booting into Windows 7 64bit I see the following messages:Debug assertion failed!Program: ...ASUS\AI Suite III\DIP4\DIPAwayMode\DIPDLL\UsbPowerManager....

Aura cannot find compatible devices z390-h gaming mobo

Good afternoon,I've tried basically everything from re-downloading aura to performing a clean windows install on my pc, but I still get the aus cannot find compatible motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix Z390-H Gaming My RGB components: 4* 8g...

hguo150 by Level 7
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