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Armoury Crate (Aida64 Extreme key)!!!

Hi, sorry for my bad English.I buy an new Asus Rog Strix B550-F Gaming. I installed Armoury Crate and I installed to Utility "Aida64 Extreme", but I haven't a serial for activate last version 6.85 Extreme. Can You help me? Thanks You.

LightingService needs a restart at cold boot?

Hello together,at first sorry for my bad english i hope it isn´t too worse for you all :'DI Builded a full ROG setup a few days ago.Asus ROG Strix x570-e Gaming Motherboard, AMD Ryzen 3950x, Asus ROG ryujin 360, TridentZ Neo 3200MHZ 64GB Ram, Asus RO...

PanicsX1 by Level 7
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Change startup argb effect?

Is there a way to change the startup "rainbow" effect? I easily found options for changing the shutdown effect, but it would be nice to not try to cause me a seizure every time I boot it up.

Armoury Crate Issues - it's getting annoying

Hey "ASUS"first of all.. is there no offical Crate Thread for Issues like it was for Armoury II ???i have several issues with Armoury Crate Software1. no support in crate for the ROG Throne QI (forced to use to old Armoury II Software! This sucks! We...

Resolved! Use ROG software on non-ROG ASUS motherboards

Hi!I'm about to build a new PC and have bought most parts now, but a motherboard, M.2 SSD and RAM remains. I've had several ASUS MBs before and was thinking about the ProArt X570 Creator WiFi this time. However, I also like the tools & utilities that...

New Problem Aura Wallpaper not updating!

What's going on ASUS???? Should we change the brand?Now Wallpaper not updating its prerequisite update!!!If any other updates are found in Armoury Crate + the Wallpaper update I must disable the wallpaper for rest update OK!!!! Update All = mess all!...

Aiosue by Level 8
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AISuite 3 3.01.10 Fan Xpert 4 problems

AsPowerBAr gadget with Fan Xpert 4 fails while selecting fan speeds with error: "assertion failed...false file...DIP4_Gadget\FANEXPER2...FxFan.cpp line nnnn" except "full speed" that is not calibrated nor in fan profile -no need for that.No idea wher...

Aiosue by Level 8
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Can't open asio.sys AI Suit 3. VI GENE

I own an Asus VI GENE motherboard, and i just downloaded an anti cheat program from " " for a Counter strike game.and ever since it cause this problem AI Suit 3."Can't open asio.sys"Faceit Team response is:" This driver contai...

liorg19 by Level 7
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