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asus cooler

hi, just done my first pc build and i used an asus prime pro mob and got myself an asus ryou 240 cooler.i was wondering if anyone could inform me how i get my own images to show on the oled display of the cooler as i cant seen to find any instruction...

_Ub3r_ by Level 7
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Asus rog aura gl504gm issue

Need help, my aura led is suddenly stopped and the led strip is stuttering when on rainbow effect. i tried resetting my windows and still not work, its really annoys me

Where to download AI Suite 3 Complete

I did a clean Install of Windows 10 with the new big update. I wanted to install Ai Suite for my Code X but in the downloaded version there is only Digi 5 included.Version 1.05.142018/02/01146.47 MBytesDual Intelligent Processors 5Fix compatibility i...

Ryuuji by Level 8
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ASUS Rog G20CB issue, any help appreciated

Have bought a Rog G20CB refurbished, previous owner gave it back to the shop as they thought it was a different model.Specs are i7 670012GB DDR4 2133mhz, Nvidia GTX 950Anyway tried booting it and it shows the ASUS splash screen with the words "Prep...

Asus Armoury Alt+Tab bug

Can you please fix a bug when Alt+tab keeps showing Armoury (on tray) after startup?To remove have to open it manually and press X (close to tray) again. Startup-tray, which means after every restart - its always bugged. Very much annoying~Its happen...