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Only install ASUS Aura or GPU Aura [Resolved]

Hey, I just wanted to post this up for some because this fixed a lot of my issues with the GPU and AURA not working with the rest of the system.I followed the GPU software suite and installed the AURA Graphics and AURA for the motherboard and everyth...

AURA Independent Tab missing?

Maybe I'm nuts, but I can't seem to find an "independent" tab anywhere in Aura 1.07.22. The only option I have is "Sync All" -- as far as I can tell there's no way to independently control my AURA devices (specifically, motherboard, RAM, GPU, Keyboar...

magn2o by Level 7
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How To get My M9F LEDS Back? [Resolved]

I've had my system for about 2 years now, and upon a recent whim decided to load the Aura software. After a gazillion times of loading and unloading Aura, both 1.7.22 and 1.06.17, trying EVERYTHING I could possibly read about this feature, I've fina...

gpu tweak acting strange after new monitor

So i just got a new second monitor and everytime i try to apply overclocking settings it turns off and on for a second or 2 which i really strange since i never had that issue with my old 2nd monitor. Also for some reason my core clock starts out low...

b0bz3n by Level 7
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Problem with GPU Tweak 2 presets

Hi,I've been using my GTX 1080 Ti with no issue for months using the "Gaming" preset in GPU Tweak 2.Actually, not exactly the "Gaming" preset. I created on myself with the same settings, but I tweaked the fan curve for it to be a bit more aggressive ...

MxFragz by Level 7
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Clean Install - Asus Maximus Formula VI

1. ust performed a clean Install of Windows 7-64. Since doing so 2nd monitor, connected to MoBo I/O via HDMI is no longer functional. Trying to install:Intel Graphics Accelerator Driver V10.18.10.3412 for Windows **Win7 64bit** & Win8 64bit & Wi...

Hit by Age - FanXpert 2

Was time to do a OS Reinstall. I have gone in to rest all my fan curves:CPU Fan =>Water Pump No. 1CPU_OPT =>Water Pump No. 2CHA_1=> PCB 1 => Bottom 280mm Rad (Label in FanXpert2= "Bottom Rad")CHA_2=> PCB 2 => Top 420mm Rad (Label in FanXpert2= "Top ...


Is there any way of getting rainbow mode (for the keyboard) on the laptop model GL503VM? I'm searching around and assuming I can't, but I just wanted to ask if there was an actual solution before giving up.Thanks

Ramen1 by Level 7
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USB Drivers

After doing a clean install ...1. Installed all drivers from original MoBo CD2. Did all Windows Updates3. Installed latest updates from Asus Web Site On every startup I get a popup window talking about iusb3mon.exe ques...