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GPU Tweak 2 still not installing

When I launch the installer it asks me "Do you want to completely remove the selected application and all of it's feature?".I click on and it pops up another message "Error: -1605 This action is only valid for products that are currently installed."I...

Get AIDA64 *without* Armory Crate ?

Is it possible to get AIDA64 without installing Armory Crate ?Having an Asus ROG Z790 Hero, there's a possibility to download a licensed version of AIDA64. I successfully did it through Armory Crate on a previous install.But I had to re-install Windo...

Gamefirst3 on RIVBE

Just wondering if this new, supported version of GameFirst will work on the RIVBE?

Bitlocker issue

Hello,I tried to activate Bitlocker with my G750-JW running Windows 8.1 Pro. First, it complained it couldn't find a TPM but with some policy settings I get past that. It managed to encrypt the entire drive but when I entered the password it returned...

Volkito by Level 7
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Sonic Missing

Somehow my computer had the Realtek Audio Driver installed on it without Sonic Suite II being installed. In the sound manager, the clickable link is there, but there are no files for it to execute. This computer doesn't have an optical drive. Do I ha...

Software Asus

Good Afternoon, i am very tyred of all Asus Laptops, only issues in your foruns and no answers at all, where are some people that even 1 answer receive, this is a very serious matter to someone that by a laptop for 4.000€ and don´t get any response, ...

AURA Scheduler

Hi, I would like to ask if someone knows a scheduler implementation to turn on/off AURA at some time. I am considering develop something to automate it.Thanks!

Add profile

Hello,How can i add new profil to armoury II ?I'm limited to 5 + default.Or is there a way to link multiple software to one profile ?Thank you

wacha by Level 7
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Backup Software

Hi guys, i just made a clean install of my laptop and i want to do a backup of all the partition.I dont know if its possible or there is any program that make a backup to a CD, and that i can restore that backup just from booting the CD in the PC, ju...

Urb4n by Level 7
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Resolved! Armoury Crate's Aura Sync won't detect any detect any devices any more

Hi, I have an Asus Maximus IX Formula and a founder's RTX 3080Ti. Both used to show up within Armoury Crate just fine, until a couple of days ago when IX Formula simply disappeared and its lights reverted to static red. Nothing I could think of helpe...

Sargon by Level 8
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