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Aura Sync Music Mode BROKEN/BUG on my Z390 F Motherboard

Hi guys I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this to get the Aura Sync Developer's attention but I'll just go ahead.Basically I've purchase a ASUS ROG STRIX Z390-F Motherboard, everything is working fine except for Aura Sync's Music Mode.B...

WS2812B support for Asus Aura is a huge let down

I was thrilled when i saw that Z370 motherboards will have a WS2812B RGB dedicated port. For these who dont know, these special RGB leds are addressable, it means that software can light up precisely the one led that you tell it to while keeping all ...

Sonic Studio Settings ASUS STRIX Raid Pro

Hello i am looking for some comparison for my soundsettings for the ASUS STRIX Raid Pro Sonic Studio.Special for the equalizer settings for some Games like War Thunder.I tryed to find them but i also would like to know other settings from Users.Or is...

AISUITE3 and win10 1809

So i just updated my system and now i have a strange error code on boot, seems like that destroyed aisuite3, ripError is the same as this guy :

Aura still has no custom effects for addressable LEDs

That is really the only issue I currently see with Aura, it still has no custom effects, and I don't think there is a way yet to use the addressable LEDs yet over the API, so there really is no way to make design effects, if you have digital LED stri...

Is Asus Secure Erase compatible for 860 Evo?

Hi! I need to format my Samsung 860 EVO SSD so i’m wondering if it is compatible with the Asus Secure Erase that’s into the bios on my Mobo (Strix Z270G GAMING LATEST FIRMWARE)i’ve found the list of compatible ssd but it seems outdated.***Thanks in a...

AI Suite 3 (version 3.00.28)

With the launch on the market of ROG radiators for CPU It appears on the support page a recent version of AI Suite 3 (version 3.00.28) We can think that AI Suite 3 including only DIP 5 is...

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Cannot run Armoury or uninstall Aura

This is the specific problem I am having...If I try to launch Armoury I get the error that Aura needs to be stopped before I can use Armoury. I launch Aura and approve the elevation request (really every time?), turn Auro off, then exit Aura. Relaunc...

AI Suite 3 Missing Files/Error/Uninstall

I've spent the whole day trying to remove AI Suite 3 and it's been giving me all sorts of errors. Event errors on startup etc etc...Currently I've restored to a point where AI Suite 3 is still installed but not working correctly.The event errors are ...