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RYUO & LiveDash image resetting when turning the PC OFF?

Hello,I have the RYUO CPU Cooler, and the LiveDash Software, I'm able to change the Image on the cooler screen with no issues, but whenever I turn off the PC, and turn it back on, the image just resets and it just displays the ROG GIF over and over. ...

MarioSH by Level 7
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Aura Sync - RGB Ram timing/sync issue with rest of rgb.

Hi There,Im using XPG Spectrix D40 DDR4 Ram 16gb but I also used Geil Super luce RGB ram and ran into the same issue.The issue is when I use rainbow, color cycle or gradient effects on the system, my deep cool fans all sync together but the rgb ram c...

Q-Hayz by Level 7
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Drivers autoupdate

Hi guys, my question is:in HP there is a software that auto update your drivers in your there any app on asus to update my asus ROG? just asking, Thanks.

Sonic Studio 3

I have been having issues with Sonic Studio 3. Uninstalled then reinstalled. Everything will seem to work fine for a bit and then the settings began to not take effect or change on their own. I finally decided to uninstall sonic suite and to my surpr...

Audio issues with Sonic Studio 3

I had to deactivate Sonic Studio 3 because of the audio issues it causes, especially in games (e.g. NieR Automata, CoD: Advanced Warfare, The Disappearing of Gensokyo, VRChat) With it activated I have NO sound at all or very low sound, and that's onl...

Pherae by Level 7
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Windows 10 Pro x64 v1809 and Ai Suite 3

Hello, after the upgrade of Windows 10 Pro x64 to the latest version 1809, the Ai Suite 3 application (X99 Deluxe motherboard) has stopped working. After starting the system, each time an error is thrown:Server execution failed, ProgID:aaHM.acpiHmDat...

SMBUS driver

Why are there no driver for the SMBus on X370-f.

Exclude software from sonic radar hook?

so anything qt related breaks with sonic radar installed. I use two monitors and simulationcraft - synergy - maya - citra - all hang/stop responding on open if i open them on my secondary display.Tracked this down to sonic radar specifically. Any w...