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ROG Armoury

Good Day Dear All,I want to check 1 thing and if it is still not implemented suggest to make it.The thing i will be talking about is dynamic marcos play while key is pressed. What does it means - when ever u press the button on your mouse to which th...

AI SUITE 3 Fan Xpert 4 error

I keep getting this error message "Access violation at address 045BB5A2 in module 'dip4.dll'. Read of address 00000000.' everytime I try and open Fan Xpert 4. I have uninstalled and reinstalled AI Suite 3 a few times now and I even did a fresh instal...

ROG Armory + Fusion 700

Is there noise cancellation on Fusion 700 headset?On other end, people hear everything loud and clear (even if it's washing machine in bathroom).In ROG armory noise gate is set to 1% (was trying with 100, and even disabling it), but no results - all ...

cah4e3 by Level 7
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GPU Tweak II - CPU usage broken

HeyI've got an I9-9900k and this is the CPU usage the OSD from GPU Tweak shows meit has been like that since I have this computer.The GPU is a Asus Rog Strix 2070 OC versionanybody got an idea how I get the correct value to be shown there?I would lov...

chris69 by Level 7
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Sonic Radar 3 overlay not showing

I have the Razer Tiamat 7.1 V2In Sonic Radar 3 the overlay won't show most of the time sometimes it works but most of the time the overlay simply won't show.i read that Sonic Radar doesn't work with USB headsets but the Tiamat uses 5x 3.5mm audio jac...

AISuite III missing modules

Hi All,I have an Z97-Pro Gamer motherboard and post Windows 10 1809 install AISuite is acting up. It began giving me errors so - following the Wind10 1803 DIP issue - I uninstalled, used the AISuite cleaner, reinstalled and now while the errors are g...

Armory Crate Aura does't work properly

When I try to make a personalized keyboard light, only one color remains. In this case, only blue. Violet is not at all. In automatic modes, all lighting effects work completely. What could be the problem? Asus GL704.

Hujinn by Level 7
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