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Bios issues and fan issues.

I have a Maximus XI Extreme Z390, matched with an I9-9900K, and bios is up to date. Two cores like to run hotter than the other cores, so I figured I'd try to OC the cores individually. Ok. So I set cores 0 and 1 to a multiplier of 50. Then I move do...

Sonic Studio 3 major issues

I've had trouble with the audio software since the day I got this motherboard, however the drivers worked and I simply disabled the software and left it that way. I recently opened it up again to change the amplification setting and I noticed that so...

Tyr808 by Level 7
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Asus AI Suite 3 - issues

First and foremost i just need to get off my chest that fan controls on asus boards are absolute garbage, there is worse, but ASUS; stop following the crowd. Please stop trying to hold my hand by forcibly setting my fan speeds or putting restrictions...

Rog Armoury 3.00.20 ERROR

The aplication close every time Windows restart on latest version 3.00.20, in other concerns I've to downgrade my Spatha firmware to 1.69 because on Wireless mode when go SLEEP it doesn't connect again on the 1.75 firmware, I've to attach to the stan...


Armoury errore di estrazione

Good afternoon,I downloaded the recent version of ROG_Armoury_v30020.I unpacked the file.rar and then proceeded to start the installer.exe and proceed with the installation.Unfortunately, after a few seconds the following error appears to me: "error ...

Tiziano by Level 7
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[AURA feat PREDATOR RGB] Possible fix

Hi people, I finished my new build last week and I spent many many hours to try to fix the RAM not detected by Aura software.This thread is for people like me starting with the newer version of AURA : 1.07.35 ,with this version RAMS aren't detected b...

ROG Armoury v30020 Wont Respond

I have had this issue for a while with the previous versions of Armoury. When I open the app a window pops up but it is has a dark fade over it and when I click on the window It says it isn't responding. Also when Armoury is open my keyboard will res...

Any way to mix effects in asus AURA ?

Hi,I tried everything but I can't find out how to mix effects on differents components in asus aura.let's say i want fixed colour on some fans plugued on an rgb Header but i want a breathing effect on the ram and on a led strip, is that possible some...

Asryan by Level 10
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Live Dash Firmware update will not launch

Trying to update the FW of Live Dash. Everything works except the custom GIF files. A FW update I believe will fix it. I am on 0105. I downloaded 0106 through the Asus Utility and Drivers page but when I go to open the file and click the .exe to run....