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Aura Feature Request: Persistent RGB

I was wondering if there will ever be the ability to save your RGB settings to the card firmware itself? The reason I would like this feature is I use other OS's like macOS and Linux sometimes and the card defaults to the default pulsing red colour.

GameFirst IV

Hello.I have downloaded the software for my Maximus IX Hero, but it hangs at startup. Sometimes it is even possible to cycle through the tabs, but after a while it hangs again. Is it fixable?

MrT by Level 7
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Why this problem?

Hi, caould you tell me why I can't post anymore? I get always this error.

problems removing aura sync

Hi, having problems syncing my gear so I tried to uninstall and install again. Something went wrong whilst uninstalling and now I can't seem to remove it or re-install it. It has mostly gone from my machine in so far as I can't find any files / folde...

Aura Sync 1.07.60 issues

Having failed to sync with previous versions of Aura, I updated to the 2304 BIOS for my CH7 WiFi and managed to achieve partial success.It at least now recognises my motherboard, as I was getting the non-Aura message before. However, it still doesn't...

Alternative SDK for Aura

I have found a way to create an SDK that can do just as much as the Aura software. The trick is to communicate directly with the COM object (AsRogAuraServiceLib), which is in charge of controlling the hardware. This allows you to pragmatically set ef...

Livedash help

Hello,Why i can't disable livedash oled motherboard screen?I trying in livedash settings, but when i press off and ok nothing happens, and when i go in settings again it's marked ONAnyone have some solution i would be grateful

Asus aura core does't work

HelloI recently got an asus strix hero II laptop, and I am having some issues with the aura core settings. I have the option to turn the logo light, my led strip under my laptop and my backlit keyboard on for each of these things separatley. Somehow ...

Seppevs by Level 7
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