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Ai Suite 3 Preventing Full Shutdown

On Windows 10 1809, Ai Suite 3 1.05.14Just noticed this once I updated to Windows 1809 so I'm pretty sure its a conflict with that version.If you have setup Auto Fan Tuning in Ai Suite 3 Windows will no longer fully shutdown, It will go through the n...

Wierd problem

I have a pg27uq and a gigabyte 2080 rtx to aurosAnd i have this problem when i reboot my pc or powers it on..Then its random chance if the hz and bpc has changed to 82 hz or 30 hz 8 bpc with 4.2.2 and HDR is disabled.Going from 98 hz 10 bpc 4.4.4 wit...

Psycrow by Level 11
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live dash

I have here 10 formula board and aios that the livedash is not working.Where is the 1.00.13 AURA IC FW

GPU Tweak II Showing Wrong Info?

sorry if this is the wrong place to post, but lately i've been seeing max load on my memory clock, i would check msi afterburner and see different numbers. am i bugging?screenshot:

help with apps to fix aura sync, livedash and others

Hello guys. NEED URGENT HELP since there is no way....Need the foloowing apps.1. the last aura cleaner2. aura sync 1.07.55 3. live dash 1.04.12i need to fix 8 machines with formula and the 360 aio that do not work. OLED screen do not work.these are ...

strix vega 56 and gpu tweak and issue

the issue is when i install only core clock.. mem and fan appear...power limit gone and others also seems i cant change the always revert back to default there a fix? it is doing ok with 1971

anyen by Level 7
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How to remove NahimicOSD completely?

It seems that NahimicOSD has been causing a lot of troubles. I believe it comes from the audio driver (download file from Asus website: DRV_Audio_RTK_SZ_Nahimi_TSD_W10_64_VER6018666_20190611R). How can I remove it completely. I unistalled all Realte...

Aura has stopped working

So I spend £220 on Z390-E Gaming mobo, nice upgrade. Except AURA doesn't work anymore, spent multiple hours trying to find out why and reinstalling but still no luck. If anyone can give me an insight on a fix please let me know as all I can see in my...

Aura and GPU Tweek II problems

I am at a complete loss on what to do. MY Aura and GPU Tweek II will not save a color scheme or a OC setting. I have to continuously redo the color scheme and the OC settings every time I turn my computer on. I have done everything I know including d...