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AI Suite 3.00.78

Hello everyone. Just updated the ai suite to the version 3.00.78 with my b-550E but everything has gone I was using mainly the Fan xpert and even that is gone. Anyone having the same issue?

Documentation for using Asus Com Service

I have a plugin for MSI Afterburner and I'd like to add some sensors from my X570-I to it. In particular, the T Sensor which isn't connected to the Nuvoton chip and Afterburner isn't able to read out of the box. There are other sensor programs that a...

Keyboard backlight on start-up

So, for my keyboard backlight, I have it set to a static, red coloration. However, as of very recently, I started seeing that the backlight flashes/strobes rainbow colors when I start up my laptop, before then reverting to the static red that I want ...

GPU Tweak 2 v2.3.9.0 'C.O.D.' wallpaper background removal

Why does GPU Tweak 2 v2.3.9.0 have a 'C.O.D Black Ops' background and not a neutral (non game specific) background? I don't play C.O.D. and don't want to see it every time I have GPU Tweak 2 open for monitoring my GPU. Is there a way to change the ba...

MuseMKR by Level 7
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Fix for Asus Aura freezing/frozen "animation"

Just wanted to share this as after 6 days of "testing" this seems to be a permanent fix to an error I frequently encountered on different systems:Error description:Asus Aura randomly freezes mid lighting animation. I.e. get stuck. (Happens roughly 2-...

problem with AI Suite 3 and Ai Charger

hi I have problem with Ai Charger. my motherboard is ASUS PRIME B560M-A I installed the AI Suite 3 with any way possible (trough motherboard DVD drive or ARMOURY CRATE or download from ASUS) and installed Ai Charger (trough motherboard DVD drive or...

mahmhr by Level 8
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Question for you Pros about Armoury Crate and Icue.

Hey guys,Do I have to use Armoury Crate to sync up my Asus mobo and Asus Gpu and my Corsair Ram. I know with Asus Z590 mobo's you could just use the asus plug in with corsair products. pretty much h...

need help!!

i updated my rog phone 3 to android 12, then i could not make calls, so i downgraded back to 11. anyone know how to fix that issue, thanks.