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Maximus X Formula: Live Dash conflict with Aura Software

I originally posted this on a thread that was a year old; I'm not sure if anyone will see it, so I'm starting a new one.I noticed recently that the Live Dash display on my Maximus X Formula no longer responds to the software. I tried to get it to dis...

_heriff by Level 7
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Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro and AURA

Hi, is there any Information, if the Corsair vengeance rgb pro will also be able to sync with aura? Right now it is not recognized in aura and I have to Control it with iCue, but cant sync it with the mb led. I was pretty surprised (and sad) that it ...

rob12345 by Level 7
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ROG RYUO 240 Series

im trying to locate software that will enable me to control my ROG RYUO 240 cooler but cannot seem to get any to workAi Suite doesn't worklive dash has very limited options just stuff to change the logo im going to take a wild guess here and say its ...

GPU Tweak II not changing settings

Hello,I have a problem with the latest version as of 24/7/19 while trying to make custom mode in ASUS software.As you can see here, I am trying to change the Power Target which should then automatically change the Temp Target as they are both in sync...

Couple questions about bios, livedash

I have a maximus x formula and I just figured out how to control the OLED but the hardware monitoring settings don't apply, just a blank LED. If I click the cog in the top right of the window and then click on/off next to "when system is in a workin...

Aura sync rgb header question

I own an x370-f motherboard that has two 12v rgb headers. Should i be able to control each rgb header independently?? I have my cpu cooler in rgb header 2 (which is by the cpu) and my case fans are on a splitter to rgb header 1. The issue is that whe...