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armourycrate ryujin update problem

hello, I have the following problem can not access my ryujin on the Armory Crate. keeps saying that the device needs to be updated. I'm doing the update, which requires a reboot of the system. If the Armory Crate System keeps telling me that the devi...

Totilas by Level 8
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LiveDash Won't Open / R6EO motherboard

After a BIOS update the LED Displays for both R6EO and Ryujin 360 have reset settings to default. Now LiveDash will not open, making it impossible to display anything but default. On the R6EO support page there is an older version of both Aura and ...

Addressable RGB support in SDK?

Is A-RGB going to be added to the SDK soon? I have a really cool RGB setup in my new PC case (front LED panel with 8x18 LEDs) and I'd love to make something custom (like implementing Snake, Tetris or Sokonban) so I was pretty sad when I realized that...

Fix for Aur Sync anyone have one?

I have a ROG Rampage VI Extreme I switched from my MSI X299 Ack M7 because I wanted something that had an ARGB header (my MSI worked FLAWLESSLY)I have tried three different versions of the aura SyncLighting_Control_1.07.60, 1.07.66 and 1.07.71 I remo...

Istallare driver rog g752v

Salve a tutti. Ho formattato il mio asus rog g752vNon mi funzionano i tasti funzione (quelli con la "M" ) cosa dovrei istallare per farli funzionare?. Grazie

Fan Expert for Maximus XI Code

Hi,Do I understand correctly that for Maximus XI code there is no Fan Expert anymore, but FANs are also controlled via Armoury Crate? (if Armoury Crate works, sorry)Thank you

ROG AIO software issue

ryujin 360 update html loop never updates big problem now for the cooler without it the aio is useless on the system The program used to work fine but 3-4 days ago it asked me to update ROG RYUJIN HTML AND IT NEVER INSTALLS AND ASKS FOR PC RESTART..i...

Armory Crate and Driver Versions

The need for a new driver, the driver numbers versions information from Armory Crate and Intel Driver & Support Assistance are completely at odds about drivers in my system, which features an ROG Rampage VI Extreme Omega motherboard. For example, Ar...

Need help! Unknown Device/Driver?

I am getting this error/warning in Device Manager - which I think could be related to the "The driver \Driver\WUDFRd failed to load for the device ACPI\PNP0A0A\2&daba3ff&1." warning in Event Viewer.I have tried searching for a fix, to no avail.Maybe ...

Rass187 by Level 7
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ROG Armoury vs Armoury Crate Installer (ROG Gladius II mouse)

My GL703 came with a ROG Gladius II mouse, ROG Armoury did not come installed but I've been using it to control the mouse settings. Now on the Gladius II support page the latest utility is Armoury Crate Installer. Would you, or should I install Armou...

tap002 by Level 9
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