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AI Suite III weird Digi+Vrm bug

Hi there, I have a weird bug with AI Suite utility. When i make some changes in Digi+Vrm sections it changes on unexpected things (video beelow, sry for russian). But in bios everything is ok, set up for extreme -> it stays on extreme, optimized -> o...

DeReMaR by Level 7
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[G731GW] Aura Creator "No devices available"

I get "No devices available" when running Aura creator.Laptop is G731GW ROG Strix HERO III, WIn 10 PRO.Armoury Crate installed from m$ store, also Aura Creator from m$ store.This URL lists G731 as compatible device:

sigtrm by Level 7
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ASUS GPUTweakII V2.0.4.4

ASUS GPUTweakII V2.0.4.4Date published: August 12th, 2019Description: 1.GPU TWEAK II now supports custom cards, ,including ROG STRIX 5700XT , TUF-RX5700XT , ROG Strix 5700, TUF-RX5700 , and DUAL-RX5700.2.Fix : Model name didn’t display completely for...

Asus Aura and ROG ARMOURY II Don't Work Together

Hello sorry my english firstly, Question 1i am using Asus motherboard, display card, headphone, keyboard, mouse. I can control my mouse, keyboard and headphone settings with Rog Armoury. But when i want to use Asus Aura "asus aura has stopped working...

ROG Gladius II software problems

Hi guys i bought a Gladius II mouse today and i cant use it, The software is empty ( binds ) and i cant change it, The default problem does not work as well.When i press Right+Left+Middle click and re-plug the mini cable to the mouse, The mouse works...

Aura sync curiousity

Do some developers even work on Aura sync ? (Just curious) Like are they updating it since its so buggy and yes, very common thing i see all over the internet. Just a bit dissapointed that all my equipment inqluding pc case and specs are strix and au...

Sonic Studio 3 stuck at opening

Hi, there seem to be a problem with sonic Studio 3 on my laptop Asus Zephyrus GX701GVR. It just get stuck when i open the software and won't continue, used to work though, so unsure what caused this and how to fix it. I've already tried uninstall and...

lepeii by Level 7
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