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Aura sync rgb header question

I own an x370-f motherboard that has two 12v rgb headers. Should i be able to control each rgb header independently?? I have my cpu cooler in rgb header 2 (which is by the cpu) and my case fans are on a splitter to rgb header 1. The issue is that whe...

ROG Gaming center is not workng. HELP

Hi guys,I bought my laptop 3 days ago and after the installation of windows 10 my ROG gaming center and all ASUS files are gone. I searched in the internet for them but I didn't find anything there.What should I do ?

Snmyh by Level 7
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need first aura version #

i need the first aura version # that supports terminal please if someone knows which one added terminal support.. ive been searching versions for hours.. theres sooo damn many

ASUS GPU Tweak II Version

ASUS GPU Tweak II Version published: 2019/06/26 File Size: 87.11 MBytesDescription:ASUS GPUTweakII For AMD WIN7-64/WIN10-64:1.Fix: User define fan control not work precisely on some models.2.Fix: When pressing “apply” button in GP...

Defin4ar by Level 7
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installing aura terminal HAL into 1.05.18 ?? possible??

so going thru PAGES of aura releases.. i find 3 that work, but i lose my memory and video card..and 1 that works, where i only lose my terminals...(we all know the issues with ARUA are 100% software based and not your setup for this reason alone)1.0...

intel management engine (ime) question

it is necessary with IME also the appropriate programs to install (approx. 80MB), or is sufficient if I only use the drivers (few MB). In this forum very often only the driver files are offered, but ASUS always offers only the big package (60-80MB)be...

ssue with ATKEX_cmd.exe errors (Z170 PRO Gaming mobo).

Hey guys!Stumped on this one and was wondering if anyone had any ideas.Upon booting or restarting my PC, this error always triggers in my event log. See picture. you can see, it always triggers 4 times.I’ve tried unin...

Namdnas by Level 7
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