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Armory Crate/Lightning Service

Is there a way to exclude devices. I did notice Lightning service does conflicht with iCue and grabs control over my Corsair RGB Memory causing issues. I would like to see a possibility to exclude this behaviour.

No Aura app in Armoury Crate

Because of Asus had stopped supporting Aura Sync, I've decided to install Armoury Crate.Asus Aura Sync wasn't easy for me (and this was the cause of change, too): old versions one day simply stopped launching for no reason, the newest one didn't dete...


Beware USB3 PCIe and hubs!

From my FB post on the problem, in the interest of helping someone who has a similar problem. Browsing this Forum helped me solve the issues. The system was working great, except that I could not enter the bios on boot. Googling around seemed to ind...

Ai Suite fan expert error - wont launch

HiI was having some problems with Aura sync so i uninstalled and then deleted the Asus folder from program files. Redownloaded aura sync and AI suite but now AI suite wont launch and gives me this error which looks related to fan expert. https://imgu...

Jaz11 by Level 7
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LED motherboard and Ryujin 360 lost

Armoury Crate won't do much of anything on my system, and that seems a pretty widespread problem across Asus hardware. Aura, if you can somehow manage to get working, will control the lighting but it won't control the LED display. Does anyone have ...

AURA SYNC Beta resolves Magnus issue in COD: BO4

Aura Sync Beta resolves an ROG Strix Magnus issue which occurs only when playing COD: Black Ops 4. Please update if you have this product, and report any issues here. Download: you have a...

MasterC by Community Admin
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just how amny apps does Armoury Crate install

After installing a fresh copy of Windows 10 Pro X64 Armoury Crate installer popped it's head up. I decided to install it, however I noticed there are many other apps that AC seemed to have installed, most of which are RGB related. See screenshot o...


ROG Live Service

I've been searching all over and I can't seem to find the download for the ROG Live Service or if it is included and installed from something else. Aura Creator says that it is one of the items that needs to be running.

GPU Tweak gives me a black screen when I apply any change

Just like the title I tried 2.06 and 2.0.83 and each will not allow me to change anything on my TOP Radeon 5850. If I even downclock the screen goes black when I hit apply. Running Cat 12.6 right now.I can o/c like a beast on AMD overdrive but that...

Lighting and LED on Motherboard and Ryujin 360

My system has lost all control options for the lighting and LED.1. LiveDash stopped working upon installation of the latest BIOS.2. For a short time Armoury Crate worked, and then died. It would not install supposed needed updates either. Hence i...